A Pocket Full of Sunshine

I wonder.. I wonder how am I compelled to write my life, when in fact, I know it so well! I think I am not at all compelled; it is only that I am afraid of what others might say when they read this. Nevertheless, I don’t know. This is my life, my own – and no one can take it away.

On the way to school, a friend handed me a real-life story of a love she once had, and lost. I remember my teary-eyes but all I could say at that moment was: “Ang ganda!” From that moment, I grew up bored with my life alone. I wish I could write something as good as the ones read by Dr. Love, or the ones being aired in Maalaala Mo Kaya. Well, I am a bit unfortunate for this is all I have.

The more I remember my past, the more it becomes a memory. I know that it is only in writing my account that I can save it from a sudden gust of wind; moreover, I can save it from time.

Time is a luxury I can’t so much afford right now. I feel like I am experiencing life in a fast forward, a blur, and I am just a passer-by. I realized I need to be a part of it and be proactive. All I know is that I still have my whole life ahead of me, and for what it’s worth, I am ready to face it head on, armed with as much positivity as I could gather. I need to take that time to sit, reflect and give gratitude for every little thing I have, and focus on things that matter. This is my journey, one day at a time. Come, waste your time with me.

credits to LELO (Love Everyone, Love Ourselves)

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