I just finished watching UP by Pixar, for the nth time.

I have to say, it’s now my favorite animated movie!

As I was watching the movie, I started to analyze a bit, just like what we did during Media Studies 11, way back in college. (I know, it’s boring and intellectual, but I did it anyway)

So here are a few things that I learned from the movie:

  1. Dreams motivate our lives and keeps us going. Dreams are our biggest motivators in life. Sometimes, the dreams that we made when we were little are the same dreams that dawn on us every waking moment of our lives. And we continue leading our lives in order to achieve those dreams. We must not stop dreaming. But the thing is, as we get older every stinking day, we think that these dreams are impossible to achieve, and so we just stop acting to achieve them. We justify this by saying, “I’m not a kid anymore, I’m too old for that.” We build “reasonable” dreams instead, dreams that do not require a lot of risks, dreams that we know are just an arm’s reach away. We should not stop in achieving our heart’s desire, no matter how old we get. Just like Ellie’s dream, which then became Carl’s life ambition, too.
  2. All of us keep a treasurebox. We’re only gonna live this life once. So it’s important that we treasure every moment of it. This is the reason why we take a lot of photos, we write in our diaries or blogs, we keep important photos in our albums or frame them, we keep shoe boxes full of letters, we mark our calendars, we arrange receipts of important dates in scrap books, etc. Just like Ellie, who kept a scrapbook of things she wanted to do when she gets to Paradise Falls.
  3. Although life’s treasures are important, these are just material things. I know it is important that we treasure life’s moments, but all of these are just material things. We all have built-in treasure boxes called memory. Sometimes, we think that our treasure boxes are our dreams, and we hold on to them too much, we ignore the things that really matter like our family, nature, etc. We miss out all the fun trying to hold on to our belongings and material things, trying to protect them – because we are afraid to forget. Just like how Carl held on too much to his house, his dead wife, he almost lost all the essential things in life.
  4. We all have different dreams. My dream is different from your dream. Of course, as we meet some people and build relationships, we also start building dreams together. But each dream is unique. My dream is my driving force, it shouldn’t occupy your life too much. Let me achieve my dream, and achieve your own dream. Carl thought his wife’s dream is all he ever wanted in life, he forgot he had his own life to live.
  5. Move on. When somebody leaves us behind, we tend to hold on too much to what is left behind. I know this is for me! I hold on to pictures, to things, to gifts, as if these things are proofs of happy memories with that person; as if these things will bring the person back. But the truth is, all these things only hinder us to live our lives. It is only after Carl started the “unloading” that he soared up high in the sky.
  6. There are things we cannot do. In life, there are things that we must leave up to fate and faith. We cannot always walk our house (or dreams) to Paradise Falls. Sometimes, we have to let them go, and place them in the S.F.G.T.D. (Something For God To Do) box. Who knows? One day, that house will find it’s way to Paradise Falls, in time.
  7. We have to let people in. On our way to Paradise Falls, we will need people who are willing to assist us for that elderly badge, whether we refuse their help or not. But you know what? We have to let these people in. They are our angels here on earth. We may not know something that they are knowledgeable of, or they could probably do something that we can’t, and they may come in handy. Sometimes, we may think that these people are ruining our dreams, but they are people who will help us walk our house.
  8. Some things don’t happen as we plan them to. I am an obsessive-compulsive person. I get irritated when plans get ruined. I want things the way I planned them to be. But sometimes, make that most of the time, shit happens. But I learned that there are things that we thought are ruined plans, but looking back, things came out better than what we originally planned. That’s because God’s plans are always, ALWAYS, better than our plans.

I hope you remember these things the next time you watch the movie UP. I’m sure I will appreciate the movie more, knowing these things.


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