A Day With Likha.

Last Saturday, I was given the privilege to visit a community and witness a miracle.

I went there not to give food to kids or teach them catechism – the usual stuff that we do when I was still a GK volunteer or when I was still a student doing community service. I was there to meet the future microentrepreneurs of GK Sitio Ruby of Fairview, QC. My friend, Likha, invited me so I could see the situation and the needs of the residents to start a business. He is hoping I could somehow help the community in building up their own businesses, find the right partners, get pro bono speakers and assist them to whatever needs they still have. I went there to inspire them.

On my way home, Likha dropped me off at Philcoa. “Thank you,” he said. I told him, “No, I should be the one thanking you. Wala nga akong ginawa.” Coz instead of me inspiring the nanays to start their own businesses, I was the one inspired. Truly, God used me, 2 teachers from St. Paul, a resource speaker from TRC and Likha just as He planned it. It turned out that the resource speaker was a former Theresian. She did not accept any consultancy offers before, even if they were offering her a big amount in return. It was only Likha who convinced her to speak in front of community audience and share her knowledge and resources. She finished Social Development, and she said, “I felt that God told me, ‘Tama na ‘yang pagpapayaman. Social Dev’t ang tinapos mo pero wala ka pang natutulungan.'” And it was such a coincidence that the venue was in Fairview, only a few blocks away from her house. “Matututukan ko pa ‘tong community na ‘to, even after office hours,” she shares. They all look up to Likha as their angel, our angel.

As I was looking at Likha, I was really amazed with what I saw there. Not only is he really good looking, he is also very kind-hearted and intelligent and street smart and (insert positive adjectives here). Going to Fairview for one afternoon was worth all the trouble.

On other news, I found myself thinking about him today. I think he really inspired me a lot. I wish I took a photograph so I could post it here.


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