The World is Crazy – Especially If Your Boss is Named JGG.

I love my job – no questions about that. And I would have stayed here and stand up for its advocacies, the travelling perk and meeting inspiring people all the time.

But now I had to leave because someone came in and ruined everything.

My boss was hired by an international company early this year. Although I got promoted and I now have more jobs on my hands, she hired an Associate Editor to balance things out – someone to help me with the work load.

I was hoping we could be BFFs and could get along, but no. SHE TURNED OUT TO BE MY WORST NIGHTMARE.

I am usually a nice person. I smile at strangers, I offer my seat to children and pregnant women on the MRT, I say po and opo all the time, and I earn respect in return. It is not hard to be friends with me. But all these changed since JGG stepped into the office 4 months ago.

For months, I tried to be friendly and respectful and reasonable with JGG. But now, I officially declare that I hate JGG. We could never be friends. I give up on trying to please her and trying to be nice.

I know a lot of people will judge me when they read this. I can almost hear them saying, “That is so mean. That is not the Christian way of dealing with these things.” But right now? I don’t really care what people say. I have had enough.

Let us make a list to justify why JGG is my least favorite person in the world. Now, starting with her physical attributes and hygiene that annoy me:

  1. She smells bad. I am not being mean or exaggerating, I am just stating a fact. Her skin smells like sewage water. Believe me, I have had an experience with sewage water – I know the smell.
  2. Her saliva keeps building up on the side of her lips when she talks. Which makes it difficult to concentrate. On other times, you will be showered with saliva.
  3. Be prepared with food showers, too. Saliva are not the only things that escape from her mouth. Try joining her for lunch, but brace yourself. She talks with her mouth full. Also, our office helper rants about our sink being clogged. Apparently, she does not know how to throw rice crumbs in the trash can.
  4. Her papers are messy. She writes on everything. Then she forgets where she wrote everything. She stacks papers on her desk without headers or folders. And when she forgets something? That is my problem.

Now let us go to her unbelievable behavior:

  1. She takes things without permission. She opens my desk, she uses things on my desk without permission. One time, she used my red ballpen without my permission. The pen blotted all over my desk and pen holder. She just left it there, open, unclean. The next day, I was even the one to clean the pen and the whole mess. Not even a sorry, not even a heads-up. It took 3 days for me to completely remove red spots on my palm.
  2. She pushes you to drown in a sea of trouble. Last issue, she placed an article under a category. For this next issue, I asked her if we would do the same. Then she says, “Mali nga yung nangyari sa last issue eh. Sino ba ang nagsabi ng ganung instructions? Hindi ako.” Wow. And there’s just me and her for decision-making, who’s to blame now? Then there was a time when she was writing an article, asking me if it would still fit for the next issue. So I said, “Well, if you want to include that article, we could shorten the others to half page.” Then she became the bitch that she is and said, “I am just asking if it will fit.” Then I said something like, “Why are you asking me for decisions? Isn’t that your job?” – but only in my mind. She started bitching again this morning. We have this fieldwork to Batangas. Meeting time is at 6 am, with official photographer. She asked, “Kaya mo ba ng 6 am sa SM Bicutan?” In my mind, I said, “As if I had a choice. Kung kailangan, e di kakayanin.” – but I said something like, “Opo, nangyari na din naman po iyon sa amin ng artist before.” Her reply was, “Yes or no lang ang sagot. Hindi ko tinatanong ‘yung nangyari noon dahil hindi ko alam ‘yon at wala akong pakialam ‘don.” She blames her hot flushes for all her unruly behavior.
  3. She talks about me behind my back. She called me disrespectful, aloof, not trying enough to be excellent behind my back. When I heard about that, I decided I should give up trying to be friends with her. People who talk behind your back are waste of time and energy. People like that does not reap respect. How can you respect someone who is so disrespectful?
  4. She wants to change everything. She acts bossy and know-it-all. There’s a time that a client commented on her article, but she doesn’t want to change it. We’re all for pleasing our clients! My original boss told me to do an article about card-making. Then she tells me, behind my original boss’ back, that she doesn’t like the idea and wants to replace it completely. After I’m done with the article already? After all the facts have been gathered? And also, it took us 12 revisions before the last magazine was published. Seriously, 12 revisions?

Despite all these, there are times that I still try to smile at her, greet her every morning, and talk gently towards her. These are the times when I am not too pissed by her comments or behavior. I pray that whoever will replace me will have more patience to get along well with her. And I pray you have peace of mind, JGG.

Respect could not be bought; It is earned.


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