Passion Manila 2010

I watched Passion Manila last May 25 (which makes this an overdue post).

That night, I experienced great joy, for I was able to pray and worship with 40, 000 people of different backgrounds, different religion, different culture and different beliefs. I felt a glimpse of heaven, because I know the people from Tokyo prayed and have been praying for the Philippines until the day of Passion Manila, people from London have been praying for Tokyo until the day of Passion Tokyo.. you get the picture?

That night, we were given cool wrist tags which says “Passion Manila 25 May”. Once you wear it, you cannot remove it without cutting it or breaking it. You are supposed to wear the wrist tag until 5 June. It is water resistant, so you will have no trouble bathing and leave it to dry. But the coolest thing about it is that, when you invert it, it says “Hong Kong 5 June”. It is not as simple as making it obvious that the next tour destination would be at Hong Kong, but it entails accountability. It is actually a daily reminder that you have a responsibility to pray for Hong Kong, not just because the other countries prayed for you, but for the tour to become successful in touching the lives of the youth and in making Jesus famous in all countries.

I believe that is the purpose of the tour: praying for one another. Praying for people you do not know. Praying for other countries, other nationalities, other cultures. And not only a one-time prayer, but a constant prayer, a committed prayer, that’s passion.

I mean, how often do we pray in a day? And when we pray, what do we tell Him? Our personal needs, our heart’s desires, our own stories. It’s always about us. And I think it is time for us to learn and start praying for others as well. Seriously. Let’s stop being so self-absorbed all the time and being emo.

Less for self, more for others, enough for everybody.


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