Road Trip: Talim Island

Dear work,

Thank you for the traveling perks.

Love, Me.

Last Friday, 04 June, I went to Talim Island (if I’m not mistaken, it’s a part of Rizal) for field work. All in all, I had fun going there especially because it means: (tan-ta-na-nah) boat ride! I have ridden a boat only twice in my life: in Boracay and in Sorsogon. So this experience is pretty special.

Going to Talim Island, however, has its pros and cons.


– waking up at 3am to catch the first trip at Binangonan Pritil at 6am

– spending the day with my boss

– some 6 hour-travel time to and from Rizal

– pollution (you can just imagine how black my hanky was, considering I had to ride the jeepney for 6 hours. fresh look: FAIL)


– the boat ride!

– how you can sleep during the boat ride

– how you get to enjoy the waves and the smell of salt water

– i got to eat a bangus that is as long as my arms. it cost only 65 per kilo, fresh fish!

– how you can sort your thoughts during the boat ride

– how you get scared when big waves slap the side of the boat

– how you can sit at the edge of the boat and enjoy splashing water

– how sleepy you can get, what with wind blowing on your face

– that peaceful feeling, just listening to the sound of the waves

– an office-less day

Here are some photos of Talim Island, and the boat ride:

Binangonan Pritil, the boat terminal
the boat ride
the humble roads of Talim Island

This is a lazy post.


9 thoughts on “Road Trip: Talim Island

    1. Sorry. It is fresh water. But for some reason, the water smells like, uhm, (murky) beach water. Thank you for noticing. It is fresh water that smells and looks like salt water. There.

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