Let Me Tell You About My Awesome Job.

This is no secret: My job is awesome.

Until JGG became part of this job, I mean. But I will not talk about JGG being the hard person that she is on this post.

As I am writing this, I am arranging my transportation to Olongapo tomorrow, for an interview. I was not expecting it, but this may be my last field work for this job.

Stranger, wherever you are: If you want to be the one here, sitting in front of this computer, writing blogs whenever possible, then you must be:

– a College graduate with a degree on Communications / Journalism or equivalent (my boss has a thing for UP graduates);

– knowledgeable with Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign (optional), basic computer troubleshooting and an Internet savvy;

– knows how to write using both English and Tagalog language;

– knows how to conduct primary and secondary research as needed;

– knows how to interact / communicate / interview people;

– has attention to details;

– must be willing to do desk and field works;

– others: must be patient with hard people, must be organized (as paperworks file up the office faster than falling in love), must have ‘to do list’ or sharp memory

What’s in it for you? Good question.

– your name would be published on a magazine (and occasionally, a photo of you) with a readership of 6, 000 nationwide + Singapore. it is not everyday that you see your name on the newspaper / magazine;

– you have flexible schedule – only if you know how to manipulate it. no time in/ time out, only you have to respect that office time is from 10am-6pm. i remember my boss telling me that 7hours of work mean 7 hours allotted to glorify God by doing this job. mind you, I have been to and from Baguio once a month during work days, when I still had a reason to go there;

– field works. meaning, your butt won’t be stuck in an office chair for the rest of eternity. you get to go Talim Island, Olongapo, Batangas, Davao, Nueva Ecija, among others – for free. plus, you get paid for it. only travelling magazines and travelling shows would offer such perk;

– a chance to fame: get to see your picture posted on your partners’ websites.

from http://www.aski.com.ph with caption: Ms. Bianca Garcia, a writer from Media, Inc. while doing the "My Kwentong Negosyo: Negosyo Mo I-Kwento Mo"campaign in ASKI Cabanatuan Branch
from Fair Trade Philippines website

– perform functions of an Editorial Assistant – such as coordinating work with external service providers, among others;

– whole day internet access: the boss don’t know how to go around the internet, so you can basically live online;

– chance to assist in organizing and conducting special promotional events for the company;

– chance to assist in other tasks associated with networking, magazine planning, production, sales and advertising;

– will give you confidence: this is up to you. it worked for me. i don’t remember when or how, but i know now what questions to ask, when to ask them, etc.;

– meet CEO’s, business owners, celebrities, etc., have their full attention and interview them for an hour or so;

Hello, Drew! I am not a fan, but you're so gwapo.

– gives meaning to life: I think this is rather personal / relative, but meeting people, getting the chance to interview them and get to know their advocacies/what they are fighting for/what they believe in gives meaning to life;

– chance to meet the love of your life. Here’s a photo of Likha. i met him during one of my field works. he works for TRC, and the rest is history.

a chance to meet someone who looks like this is a chance you should not pass up

This list could go on. I could tell you more if you want.

This is actually a post to find a replacement. This is actually a sad and heartbreaking post. If you know someone whom I could train, please let me know.

“There are only two types of jobs here in the Philippines: a good job with a bad pay, or a bad job with a good pay.”


6 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You About My Awesome Job.

  1. This sounds amazing, I was just reading through your archives when I found this one! Are you still looking for one? That coming from someone interested with this job, except that now, I’m so freaked out with JGG!

  2. Your site is looking tight. You have some writing talent. I make $10-$50 each blog post I put up. It is a great way to make some extra money in the current economy. The business I write for has a ton of openings if you enjoy writing as much as me.

    Bloggers Wanted

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