Apparently, I am Dehydrated.

As of writing, I have had 3 visits to our overpriced Dermatologist.

I started having these white spots down my arm since we went to Batangas for World Singles’ Congress. They look like an-an or even ring worm, they get itchy when under the scorching heat of the sun – and I got paranoid and embarrassed. I thought I got it from the rough water there, or because we went camping. So I went to visit the doctor and seek for professional help (no, not to cure my psychological disorders, no).

Apparently, I am slightly dehydrated. You are probably as surprised as I am when I heard the news. These white spots are symptoms of really dry skin, that’s why it gets so itchy when under the sun.

If we know each other really well, you would know that it takes me 10 minutes to shower, I am too lazy to comb my hair, I do not put make-up or lotion or other paraphernalia unless I have a date, and I put on any decent clothes to wear – saving myself the dilemma of worrying too much about how I look. Most of the time, I do not care how I look like.

So you could just imagine the trouble I have to put myself into, just following the doctor’s instructions:

  1. Drink 12 glasses of water a day – This I could do, although I am having trouble following it as I prefer drinking coffee or coke on hot and sleepy afternoons. I know what they said before, “Drink at least 8 glasses a day.” But haven’t you heard? Times have changed. One should now drink at least 12 glasses of water a day. Hot, hot season. For my drinking friends: I do not know if you could exchange glasses of water to glasses of beer.
  2. Use an oatmeal soap – Wow, I have a special soap. Overpriced, though. And you could actually see the oatmeal on the bar.
  3. Shower only for 10 minutes – This came in handy. Now I have the perfect excuse not to be late.
  4. Do not dry yourself with a towel after bath – This sounds funny, but the doctor said that I have to let my skin sip the moisture by letting it dry by itself.
  5. Apply lotion after bath, at least twice a day – I am too lazy to apply lotion, and seriously, applying lotion and going out there under that hot sun would leave you oily, sweaty and greasy. Can you imagine going to work, so early in the morning, looking like you just came out of the gym?
  6. Apply gel on affected areas – Lotion, top it off with gel, Β is not my idea of freshness.
  7. No coffee / coke / iced tea – This sucks. I totally disregarded this rule. Apparently, too much caffeine causes dehydration.

So unless you want to end up doing all these, I suggest you take good care of your skin, especially now. This summer’s been hash on my skin. Drinking lots of water should do it. In fact, I’m on my way to the pantry to get myself another glass of water.

However cruel my overpriced doctor is to me, I want that soft and healthy skin. Here goes nothing.


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