Facebook Pet Peeves (Okrayang Facebook)

I have received an email before entitled “Okrayang Friendster” – scrutinizing jologs and jejemon users of Friendster. But I will not scrutinize jologs and jejemon users of Facebook on this post, no. Instead, I will list down some of my pet peeves and irita moments with Facebook.

Sorry for low-resolution photos. You can click on them to see them better.

1. Friends liking their own statuses/postsIkaw na ang nag-post, ikaw pa ang magco-comment, ikaw pa ang magla-like? Loner ka teh? I will not reiterate as good points were already raised by Ade Magnaye, on his blog here.

Imagine seeing this in your wall everyday.

2. Friends who are first to comment on their own statuses/posts – I am guilty of this. I comment my afterthoughts/correct a misspelled word/ wrong grammage. But really, commenting on your own post? No, not just any comment, but it looks like another status update or different post entirely.

This is acceptable - corrections as there is no edit option

This, hmm, acceptable as an afterthougt, but that’s why you have photo album description for.
This one here, well, bordering on acceptable and unacceptable. I used Twitter, and there are not enough characters to fit all these. But I was also looking for attention that time.
Now this is what I'm talking about. Definitely NOT ACCEPTABLE.

3. Friends who update their status every 2 seconds. – I know it is called Status Update for you to update it, but we don’t need to read every event of your life here, no. We are not interested in your daily activities or by-the-minute account of your life.

Okaaaay. SO WHAT?

4. Friends who comment “FIRST” on photos/status updates – I don’t get it. So what if you’re the first, or second, or third to comment on a photo/status update? Paunahan ba ‘to? Kung wala kang maganda/matinong ico-comment, then don’t comment at all.

May exag pa kesa dito, but I couldn't find them.

5. Friends who tell you something on chat, then suddenly goes offline. – Okay, this is just plain annoying. Why did you even bother saying hi to me? It is something similar to this post.

6. You stop typing on chat because you see your friend typing

Friend: kumusta?

Me: Okay lang! Eto, working. Ikaw?

Me: (About to say: Kumusta na kayo ni ano? But sees this: Friend is typing a message.)

7. Threads – On the subject of chat: friends who use the comment portion to chat.  Assuming you got tagged on a class photo, so everybody else in class is tagged there, then you catch up on things using comments. Hello? Alam niyo yung chat? May naimbento kasing ganon. Diba nakakabwisit dahil ang dami mong notification, yun pala ginawang chatroom ang comment. Also, notifications. Just because I commented or liked a friend’s status or photo, I am notified everyday for the rest of my life whenever it gets commented on. I have learned to filter my notifications, thank goodness. Pili na lang ngayon ang notifications na dumadating, not unlike before na every application ay may notification and email notification sakin. Now, you can actually choose what type of apps can send you notifications.

Great. 106 comments. Meaning 106 + + notifications forevermore.
Manage you notification now, you won't regret it.

8. Like – I feel like every situation now has a fanpage. And friends are liking them like crazy. (I like that this is on my list.) I admit, I have been like this before, until I realized how stupid it is. Oo na, naka-relate ka na sa sitwasyon na “Checking your page everyday because I miss you” at “Umutot sa MRT.” Aba, at nag-level up na pala ngayon. Meron ng blored.com, Like This!, LikeBox, fblike.net, likemefb.com, iLike. What the fudge?

Friend likes "Umutot sa MRT" and 50 other pages.

Also, I liked this status of my friend, and then she said, “Thank you.” Then she says thank you sa lahat ng mag-like ng status niya. Weird.

Thanking people for liking your post/status? NO WAY.

9. Birthday Greetings – Are we not friends in real life that you cannot greet me in person anymore? Not even a call or text? You really, really had to greet me on Facebook? Right. Thanks for the effort. (I am guilty of this. I should change now.)

But I thought we're friends?

10. Fan Pages / Scariest Photo page – Those pages that says, “Join here to see the scariest photo ever!” or “25 Most Romantic Lines”.


11. Groups / Support Haiti / Application Request / Causes / Quiz Request – Please stop sending me Mafia Wars request, or Mafia gifts, I am not going to play ever. No, I don’t want to be your Farmville / Treasure Isle / Cafe neighbor! And could someone please tell me how exactly I could help victims from Haiti by clicking and bombarding my friends’ walls with it? And unless your group is relevant to me eg. it is an organization that I belong to, then don’t bother asking me. Great, so you’ve taken up this new quiz, do you know there’s actually a SKIP button so you won’t have to send the same quiz request to all of your friends?

Do NOT send in that request. See that? READ: OPTIONAL.
What's this?

12. Compare results with friends – Seriously? Why?

I got this result, my friend got this. Ok, what's next?

13. Gifts – Great, my friend sent me a Starbucks drink gift. Why, thank you. Okay, what am I gonna do with it?

Wow, thanks for the thought. Wish I could drink these right now.

14. Poke – My friends know that I don’t wanna be poked, especially if I do not know you. I find it rude to just poke somebody in real life para mag-abot ng bayad, or to get your attention (when they could just call your name), so why do you have to poke somebody on Facebook? Then you have superpoke, great! Now you can virtually punch each other too.

you enjoy doing that, yeah?

15. Pillow fight – Please stop spamming my wall. Wow, that was fun. Really. With all kinds of pillows like Tootsy Roll Pillow, Air Pillow, iPod Pillow, Sea Turtle Pillow, kung anu-anong pillow. Ay, apu na lang.

Stop. Hitting. Me.

16. Facebook can lower your self-esteem – I’ve read somewhere that she has low self-esteem because of Facebook. Apparently, seeing the accomplishments of others, what they’ve done with their lives, places they’ve been to, etc. can cause sadness to someone who has not achieved much in life. I don’t know if it’s true, and it does not have the same effect on me but, I don’t know.

17. Annoying “Blast from the Past” Photos – Please don’t tag me with those stolen shots and really old and awkward photos from Elementary or Highschool, when we were still dark-skinned and oily.

18. Mom’s Online – Okay. I tell my mom almost everything, but not everything. I don’t want her to find out by checking on my Facebook 24/7. I don’t want her to find out that I went to this party, or to Baguio to be with PJ, etc. Now my Auntie, Uncles, Dad, etc. now have facebook, too. I better clean up. Good thing there’re privacy options, but still. Also, do not add your boss on Facebook. You might regret it.

child alert! parents are on facebook!

19. People you may NOT know – There are always photos of people on the right side of your screen, and although you really might know some of them, there is always this person that has common friends with you, and you are really sure that you have never seen that person in your life, but you feel that you should add him/her anyway. On this note, friends, having 100 friends in common doesn’t make us friends, so stop adding me if you really do not know me.

Having 100 mutual friends doesn't make us friends

20. Spam – Okay, I was excited to see who commented on my post, till I saw this:

Spams are only yummy with ketchup, but not this kind of SPAM.

21. Friend Interview – A friend answers Social Interview or Friend Interview or Pick a friend, and it’s got 25 questions or so, and you see 25 posts from the same friend on your wall. Way to go.

I got totally excited because it said, “Friend wrote on your wall” – only to see this:

22. Friends For Sale – I really did not like the idea of buying and selling your friends, plus the dilemma of earning money and having to work to buy your friends. Nagta-trabaho na nga ako sa totoong buhay e, pati ba naman sa Facebook?

Send me money so I could OWN PJ.

23. Stupid Profile Photos – Profile photos are there so you could dictate how you want the world to see you. So what’s with these pouting photos / nude photos / song lyrics as photos / dogs as photos? Are you a DOG? Homaygosh. Puh-leez.

24. Creepy Ads – I really am not that bothered with those ads, but apparently others are. Some Facebook ads are just creepy and weird.

25. Relationship Gossip – “Have you heard? Bianca is already single.” WOW. Then your friends comment: “Weh? Why? Di nga? What happened?” OR: “Friend is a relationship.. with God.” OR “Friend is in a relationship and it’s complicated.” OR “Friend is in an open relationship.” The heck! There is no such thing as complicated or open relationship!

Suck It Up.

Here are other pet peeves from Jordan Torres which I totally agree on:

  1. Changing your profile name into something barely understandable because you think its cute (go right ahead if you’re a retard)
  2. Tagging people in pictures like “What’s your first impression of me” and “You ______ Me” then multiple choice. OR, friends tagging you in a photo you are not even part of.
  3. Being online 16 hours a day (The sun misses you) – This is funny, but I am guilty of this!

These are just personal opinions. What don’t you like in Facebook?

My inspiration for this blog is this.

PS: I’ve deleted some of my friends names. Please don’t get offended / please don’t judge me. If you have negative comments, sa baranggay ka mag-reklamo / sa judge ka umapila. This is my blog. (Kidding!)

Also, please don’t get me wrong. I love Facebook, and I use it everyday.


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