I Asked Someone Out, and I Got Rejected

Not that this is the first time that I got a no from this someone.

I asked him if he would like to watch Eclipse with me, since I’ve seen Twilight and New Moon with him. Then eat icecream or Japanese cake down on Session Road, while walking home, or at his car. I know it’s so petty, but it is important to me. I can’t remember, was I able to return that Breaking Dawn book to him?

I was thinking I could ask him out again to see that Avatar movie, since he gave me this CD of downloaded Avatar series. I wouldn’t want to see it with anybody else.

Because I was so chicken to send an SMS, I sent him a Facebook message instead. The whole time since Friday, I am nervous. I want to check my Facebook all the time thinking there might be an answer already. Someone should not undergo that level of stress and nervousness. Imagine that feeling everytime I would open my account and check my messages, but also whispering that silent prayer: “Sana sumagot na siya.”

But no. There’s no answer. And I had to check and make sure that he opened his account already. And he did, I’m sure he did.

I don’t know what to make of it. Well maybe I do, I just can’t accept it. I could go with group date, with family date. I could watch it with whoever he wants to watch it with, even with his girlfriend if he already has one (okay that probably is not a good idea. Besides, you probably wouldn’t want to have a third wheel on your date).

So yes, I guess I got rejected. Again.

I am such a paranoid. Whycan’tIjuststopthinkingaboutyou?

Note to: I’m sorry if you feel I’m leading you on. Please don’t get me wrong, I am NOT using you to get over someone. I am still a wreck right now, but not as much as I was before, but still you probably would want to move on – swim to other shores.


One thought on “I Asked Someone Out, and I Got Rejected

  1. You are too “inlove” with this person to the point it looks like you are so obsessed with him. Let it go..

    It sounds like you’ve been holding on for a while now..

    You don’t need to be rejected a hundred times to know that he JUST doesn’t wanna talk to you.

    Guys are guys, what can we do?

    It’s not your loss it’s his..

    Cheer up cowgirl!

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