Hello, Stranger. This Is For You.

Dear Stranger,

I have not yet read the blog the you want me to read, the one about organic atheism. I promise to read it today, sort out my thoughts, prepare my arguments and talk to you.

This is not a love letter, no. But I want you to know that I am excited to go online because of you. I sleep very late at night and stay the whole day here – squeezing in my work in between. You practically live online, I wonder what is in here that holds your interest. I wonder if you still sleep or eat on time or take a shower. But then again, I could not blame you, your work is online.

To tell you honestly, I do not know why I am writing this. Supposing you would be able to read this. Please know that I want us to be Facebook friends, or Friendster, or Twitter friends – whatever works for you. Anything that will prove that we are somehow connected, for me to feel the security that I could reach you somewhere, that you’re just there.

I smile everytime you talk to me. You have said your piece about people not wanting to discuss about non-trivial things anymore, like politics, religion, education. Thank you, because somehow, I feel that you still talk to me because we are making sense. Even though we debate on whether or not sex education should be taught to elementary kids, or that religion is / isn’t holding everything in society together, or that people should / shouldn’t have limits when it comes to sex. We both know I am the conservative type, it is quite amusing to think that you research on the liberated side of all topics because you know that my stand is otherwise. Also, I find it cute how you get excited when talking about icecream, F1 car racing, True Blood, tsismis – among the other trivial things that we talk about, most of the time.

I do not believe in horoscopes, but my horoscope said that those born under the Year of the Rabbit would be lucky in the matters of the heart this year. I wonder, may I know when your birthday is? And also, please put more photos in you Friendster / Facebook account, not that I am stalking you online. I wonder if we could also go out some time, since you’ll be moving to Batangas sometime soon.

It is sad to think that you don’t want to get too much involved, because you do not want so much drama. I think I am the definition of drama. I hope you change your mind.

I want to make sure that you are not from my imagination, that you are real.


Bianca Louise


2 thoughts on “Hello, Stranger. This Is For You.

    1. kakabasa ko lang, Ate Kath 🙂 your work is near our place. maybe i should drop by one of these days.

      wala kasi akong sinasabihan na kahit sino that i met someone through online chat. thus, this blog. baka magtaka ang makabasa na may imaginary crush ako online 🙂

      online crushing and online stalking ♥ ♥ ♥

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