Deadliest Deadline

Let me be straight and upfront: I have a habit of procrastination. A friend once told me that my bestfriend’s name is “Mayana”, short for “Mamaya na” – a phrase that I say (whether to my mind or out loud) at least 20 times a day.

I know deadlines are there to inspire people, to induce those creative juices, to remind them that things need to be done and accomplished. Imagine if there are no deadlines. People just do their own stuff at their own pace. How will I ever get the motivation to finish those articles, to stay up late or wake up so early in the morning for that feeling of rush?

Still. When given deadlines, I beat the deadliest deadline. Those deadlines that keep people waiting, those which will obligate me to give input, or else we’ll all be dead.

For two years now, I have been living with deadlines. I eat and sleep with deadlines. I give deadlines, I move deadlines, I cheat deadlines, I work around deadlines and I negotiate deadlines. I do not know what life is without deadlines to beat anymore. I have experienced finishing a story for 30 minutes, given a 15-minute deadliest deadline. That’s quite an accomplishment.

It is my despedida for work tomorrow. I just might cry. Funny how I started with work by a lunch treat, and would end it with a party. Giving that speech tomorrow would terribly break my heart. I wonder why people resign from work happy, without hesitations and without looking back. I guess you could say that next week is my deadliest deadline for work, taking into account that I tendered my resignation last 31 May – supposedly effective 30 June.

This is my favorite deadliest deadline. I should start writing farewell letters after this.


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