Add to List: Mga Bagay na Mami-miss ko

Pearl Drive, late at night

My officemates are already going about the despedida party later today. We’re planning to order pizza – lots of it. I wore something nice today, and I brushed my hair. And although I am quite excited about the party, part of me feels really sad.

I can’t wrap my brain around it: I am saying goodbye. For a person who hates goodbyes, it is quite surprising that I have endured a lot of goodbyes for this year – three big ones that changed the course of my life. Three major choices. Three important and life-changing decisions. Three discernments. I have been through all this. I’m thinking, I’ve had more goodbyes for this year that a person could / should endure. Enough goodbyes already. I need more hellos.

Although I hate them, I have to say: goodbyes made me stronger somehow. They gave me a liberating feeling, imparted me with a challenge. The next should be better than the last. I should prepare myself, for the best is yet to come.

But while I’m still on the process of saying goodbye, here are the things that I will miss:

1. Walking around Ortigas Center without me looking like a complete idiot – I like that we could walk around here, take short-cuts like it’s the most normal thing to do. People here just walk – no place is too far; always a walking-distance away. It somehow reminds me of Baguio.

2.  Starbucks, Pearl Drive – where the love of my life waited for me to finish work, while we chatted the whole time.

3. UA&P

4. MCDO – where me and the love of my life ate lunch on 8th Dec. I have to give it to MCDO, for the free wi-fi, for fast lunch, for occasional fries cravings and cheezeburgers, power meal during late-at-night work.

5. Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Rufo’s, 7’11, Pancake House, and other karinderya beside the building. Eating around here is easy, everything is accessible.

6. FX rides

7. MRT everyday – complete with the stress and physical injuries I had to go through, also the smell of sweat.

8. Residencia Building and going up and down the stairs

9. Skype

10. work, and everything about work, including: occasional meryenda and delivered lunch, just like today. The stress, the “morning-is-my-writing mood”, talking and negotiating with clients, networking, attending seminars and events, travelling and fieldwork, disappointments, late-night work at office, co-workers, whole day (and fast) Internet connection, bazaars, trade fairs, meeting celebrity – entrepreneurs, everything!

I’m sure I will miss more, but understand that artist is here now. I have to get back to work now.


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