Farewell Letters – In Small Chunks

To Jesila Ledesma:

To you, dear boss, I give all my gratitude and thanks. You are my inspiration for lasting this long in your company. I so much believe in your advocacies, your lifestyle. Your fights became my battles, too. I was lucky to work with a very God-loving boss like you. You are so smart, you pick up the important things and learnings in the most mundane and crazy situations. Someday, I want to be like you. I want to write like you. I want to contribute to making positive changes, however small, just like you did. Thank you for being sweet, understanding, thoughtful boss that you are. Because of you, napatotoo ang kasabihan na “sweet ang mga Ilongga.” I very much believe in that now, and I could personally attest to that. Thank you for being a friend, for patiently listening to my problems, my trials, and for understanding what we’ve been going through. Thank you for the occasional love advises, too. You have developed me into a person more sure of herself, more confident, stronger, someone who is a better writer than I was 2 years ago. Everything that I have learned, I owe them all to you. Also, I am sorry for the disappointments and heart aches I may have caused you. Thank you. I will always remember you.

To Grace Ruste:

Thank you for being a second mother to me. Thank you for organizing everything around here. Thank you for being sweet and understanding as you are. Ang mga Ilongga nga naman talaga, sadyang sweet. I was lucky to work with – not only one – but two sweet Ilonggas. Your daily stories keep this serious and quiet office more alive. I enjoyed listening to them and laughing at some of them. Thank you for listening to my stories as well. I will miss you, too, Manang Grace. Also, thank you for the occasional love advises and lessons in life – I will never forget them. These thoughts are deep thoughts – mga baon ko as I go through with my life.

To Beth Sollestre:

Ate Beth, you know how you’ve been so much a part of me. I cannot remember how we started doing everything together as much as we could. I could not remember how we started eating lunch together, going home together. We even ate dinner together and have regular dates. For all I knew, when I got here, I was on my own because of the age gap. But then I have found a loyal friend in you. Thank you for being patient with me, for putting up with me, for patiently listening to my problems, my qualms, my work-related challenges, for being my crying shoulder and my strength. Thank you for the plant that you gave me, it is the best gift I have received. I could say as much – thank you for your love. Ate, thank you sa lahat. Let’s keep in touch.

To Julie Gallos:

Ms. Julie, thank you for the short time that we’ve spent together. Thank you for taking care of me during our field works together. Thank you for patiently editing, revising and shortening my articles. Thank you for challenging me to do more. I believe you are really smart, too, because you have done so much in life. Ang dami niyo pong kwento and others have truly inspired me. Every lunch break, I am looking forward to your latest chismis or opinion on politics or religion. I also felt that I have known you and your family more because of your constant sharing. Also, sorry if I may have caused you pain, stress, heart-break or disappointment in any way. Thank you, Ms. Juls.

To Kuya Top:

Thank you for your patience in our constant revising of articles. Thank you for putting up with my kakulitan. Thank you for being gentle with us, even if at times, I know that you are losing patience. For the times that you almost gave me a heart attack, for not beating the deadline, for not following instructions, for giving the wrong documents, for not coming to work – I forgive you. I will still see you often, on Facebook and Twitter. Who knows? Maybe we’ll have more projects together in the future. Good luck with everything.

Kuya Luis:

Kumpare! Sorry hindi ako nakapunta sa binyag ng anak mo. Puntahan mo ako sa Pasko, bibigyan ko siya ng aguinaldo 🙂 Salamat sa laging pagtatapon ng basura, sa paglilinis, sa pagkain ng mga tira kong ulam, sa pagdala at pag-deliver ng mga kailangan namin. Salamat kuya sa pagpapatawa kapag lunch. Hindi kita makakalimutan. Kapag may oras ka, puntahan mo ang mommy ko, bibigyan ka namin ng 20% para sa pagpapagawa ng bagong pustiso.

To other partners, co-workers, people I have worked with:

Thank you, for patiently working with me. I’ve had the best experience of networking and building partnership – even friendship – with you guys. Special thanks to Jade and Ciello of ASKI, Luville of RIMANSI, Sir Jun of SEEDFINANCE, Hermie and Florence of ASHI, Kakay of MCPI, Ms. Meldy and Ms. Neris of UA&P. Also to our contributing writers – Henry, Grace, Dra. Vanessa, thank you for always beating the deadline and complying with our requirements. To those who have given me stress, I forgive you. You have taught me how to work with grace under pressure. I couldn’t be more grateful. I can truly say I have worked with the best.

You will always remain like this in my memory.
..and I will treasure this, too.

I will treasure you all in my heart. I’m glad God has upgraded my heart; giving me a bigger heart to fit more people and to love more people. This isn’t goodbye. Instead, I’ll see you soon.


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