My Life According to Stars

I found a link from a friend which measures compatibility of two persons, and so I tried it. Here are the results:

Result 1: Compatibility with Stranger

12/04/1987 12:00 Julian day 2447134.00
Adjust 0.00 ST 16.51 Lat 0.00 Long 0.00

09/16/1978 04:15 Julian day 2443767.68
Adjust 0.00 ST 3.54 Lat 0.00 Long 0.00

(I cannot understand symbols. Please interpret for me.)

12/04/1987 Aspect 09/16/1978 Orb/Value
Sun Square Mercury 1.11 -321
Sun Conjunction Neptune 3.51 98
Mercury Trine Jupiter 0.32 99
Venus Trine Mercury 2.37 92
Venus Sextile Venus 0.22 109
Venus Trine Saturn 1.33 70
Mars Conjunction Venus 0.50 163
Mars Sextile Saturn 0.21 73
Saturn Square Sun 0.43 -176
Uranus Sextile Mars 1.32 46
Neptune Trine Mercury 3.50 42
Neptune Sextile Venus 0.50 58
Neptune Trine Saturn 0.21 57
Pluto Sextile Mercury 0.32 64
Pluto Conjunction Venus 3.31 74
Pluto Conjunction Uranus 2.30 67
1112 -497 615

Inter-planetary aspects

The following aspects between planets concern the possible relationships between two charts: especially the emotional and romantic relationship, but also aspects on social, intellectual and spiritual levels.

-321 Square Sun – Mercury

Negative aspect: Lack of understanding between the two persons. They do not have the same intellectual interests, the same tastes, as a result of which they have problems in understanding each other. This could lead to conflicts, lies, etc.

-176 Square Sun – Saturn

Negative aspect: They are certainly not made to live together. Saturn is too harsh, rigid and likes tranquility too much for the Sun. Neither will feel happy in this relationship.

163 Conjunction Venus – Mars

Positive aspect: This is a union that is particularly based on physical understanding, passionate love. There is a lot of affection between them, and they need to express it physically. Plenty of attraction here.

109 Sextile Venus – Venus

Positive aspect: Complete respect for each other’s romantic style. They don’t easily offend each other and instinctively understand what makes the other person happy. Conflicts arise, but they are generally smoothed over with ease, as there is good will between them. Very good aspect for a successful union. Love, gaiety, understanding.

99 Trine Mercury – Jupiter

Positive aspect: An ideal couple, prosperous, happy, good intellectual understanding, great confidence in each other, a successful family life.

98 Conjunction Sun – Neptune

Positive aspect: This aspect shows an attraction to each other beyond the physical. There is a level of forgiveness and mercy in the chemistry between you. You may share your dreams together with a sense of freedom. Tolerance exists between the two of you, which is a very soothing and settling quality.

92 Trine Mercury – Venus

Positive aspect: A relationship which will be agreeable, they will like to speak to each other, have a good intellectual understanding, their tastes will be very similar, they will like to share their feelings with each other.

74 Conjunction Venus – Pluto

Positive aspect: Great passionate affair, very intense and transforming. They feel that the relationship forces them to grow.

73 Sextile Mars – Saturn

Positive aspect: A life together with few problems, love will develop into friendship, they will understand each other and go well together. It can be a little routine at times, and there is some self-consciousness with each other.

An indication that they will both be faithful.

70 Trine Venus – Saturn

Positive aspect: This union could be favorable and lasting, if Venus is really looking for a mature person to be with. There can be a certain level of self-consciousness together that is always present, no matter how long they are together. There is a lot of loyalty between them, and a feeling of responsibility for one another.

64 Sextile Mercury – Pluto

Positive aspect: Favorable union of the minds. They speak to each other about things they never talk about to others.

58 Sextile Venus – Neptune

Positive aspect: Favorable union, they have the same artistic tastes in common, their life will sometimes be full of fantasy.

57 Trine Saturn – Neptune

Positive aspect: Favorable union. Neptune brings dreams to Saturn, who lacks them, and Saturn brings common sense to Neptune, who is totally without it.

46 Sextile Mars – Uranus

Positive aspect: Favorable for union, linking originality to initiative and decision-making.

42 Trine Mercury – Neptune

Positive aspect: Good spiritual understanding. (but stars, my crush is an atheist)


Result 2: Compatibility with Habibi

12/04/1987 12:00 Julian day 2447134.00
Adjust 0.00 ST 16.51 Lat 0.00 Long 0.00


05/31/1991 04:19 Julian day 2448407.68
Adjust 0.00 ST 20.52 Lat 0.00 Long 0.00

12/04/1987 Aspect 05/31/1991 Orb/Value
Sun Opposition Sun 2.34 -326
Sun Trine Jupiter 2.56 87
Mercury Trine Mars 1.16 101
Mars Square Jupiter 2.05 -95
Mars Square Saturn 0.07 -131
Pluto Square Jupiter 2.17 -62
Pluto Sextile Uranus 1.57 27
215 -614 -399

Inter-planetary aspects

The following aspects between planets concern the possible relationships between two charts: especially the emotional and romantic relationship, but also aspects on social, intellectual and spiritual levels.

-326 Opposition Sun – Sun

Negative aspect: A lot of energy is wasted in having to explain yourselves to each other. Misunderstandings are frequent, and they are draining.

Alternate Interpretation: Certainly enough conflict to ruin a whole day, if not a whole life. If at first the relationship is charming and agreeable, it will quickly end up disharmonious and life together will become unbearable. If one of the two does not make an effort, or does not find a compromise, it leads irrevocably to a breakup.

-131 Square Mars – Saturn

Negative aspect: It is very challenging for such a union to be happy, but if it progresses, it could easily become unbearable! Both parties must be committed to happiness in order for this to work.

101 Trine Mercury – Mars

Positive aspect: They stimulate each other to be more creative and expressive. They learn a great deal from each other. They understand each other, like to discuss things with each other and undertake joint initiatives. Great intellectual understanding.

-95 Square Mars – Jupiter

Negative aspect: They have good intentions towards each other, but they often promise more than they can deliver. They make big plans that often fail to be realized. When one person wants to spend “together time”, the other feels restless and dreams of being somewhere else. Freedom versus closeness is a conflict that arises often in this relationship.

87 Trine Sun – Jupiter

Positive aspect: Here is a couple you like to be with. They are charming, agreeable and know how to entertain their friends generously and warmly. They go well together, and love each other in a discrete and sincere way, and appreciate the joys of life together.

-62 Square Jupiter – Pluto

Negative aspect: Through your relationship, changes in your basic beliefs and personal philosophies are in store. The Pluto person may attempt to change the Jupiter person’s belief system or way of viewing life, which can cause friction. Attempts to force one another’s opinions on each other should be avoided in order to maintain harmony in this relationship.

I wish I am more compatible with habibi. I miss him.


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