I Wish I Never Had To Wake Up.

I had a dream last night, and it was about you (again).

And I’m thinking, when will these dreams stop?

We were at an apartment not familiar to me. In my dream, we live there. We have an apartment-mate – a friend or your brother, I’m not sure. We went out to buy something to cook for dinner. Then we went home, washed the dishes, and laughed a lot. In my dream, I remember, I was excited to wash the dishes because we just bought a new dish dryer. You were wearing your grey shirt, the one with the word “genie” on it.

And in my dream, we kissed. That’s when I knew for sure that I was dreaming.

And even though I was dreaming, I thought, “Hey, we just kissed, and he said he loved me, and we held hands, and we hug. But I thought we’re not together anymore?”

And in my dream, I was happy.

I wish I never had to wake up.


I told my mom about this dream this morning.

She said, “Baka excited ka lang sa pagpunta mo sa Baguio. Mamaya niyan, umiyak-iyak ka lang doon ha.”

I’ll try not to.


2 thoughts on “I Wish I Never Had To Wake Up.

    1. I do 🙂 Love can do that to people. It feels like I only fell in love once in my whole life. A piece of advice: Take care of your love. You don’t want to undergo what I’m going through right now. 🙂

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