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Hello, you,

Sorry it took me so long to write. I underwent (am undergoing) some kind of depression dahil uso ‘yan ngayon. See, I have no job, and I feel like I am worthless and stupid. I don’t know what I want in life or what I want to become or I want so many things at the same time right now, I don’t know which one of them I would pursue. Like I can’t get anything right. Plus the fact that I am too lazy to do anything, or that I hate this person who keeps on making pakialam everything that I am doing. And I don’t feel like writing only if I would only write about depressing stuff and emo posts here and on Facebook or Twitter until such time that you are sick of it all.

But then again, I was too busy thinking how I could earn money on weekends to climb mountains like this:

See, I look like Dora and Sunshine Corazon combined

Hello, Mt. Maculot! I forgive you for being hard on me since you are breathtaking and you are like “a breath of fresh air”. I slipped 4 times during the hike – a good number. Yayy! You must know that it was muddy and slippery that time. I wonder why it was named Mt. Maculot. As far as I could remember, there was only one way and it was straight – downwards slippery down.

This is the day I decided to try being Sunshine Corazon for a day. I sang “Telephone” with facial expressions and I kept touching my hair and moving my neck. I looked like a retard.

What a fun weekend it was. I got to hold the hand of a new crush, whose name I cannot tell here*blushsmileblush*.

Note to self: Keep smiling. A happy thought for you: You will get to see your crush for 9 consecutive Saturdays after this.


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