We could all use a hand to hold.

Hello, stranger. Please hold my hand to keep it warm.

Today is raining, hard. Rainy days remind me of being stranded, of warm coffee or hot chocolate, pajamas, a sweet smell, cold floor, warm comforter, cozy bed and lazy days.

Hello, stranger. Wherever you are, I imagine we would spend a lot of rainy/lazy days together. We would sit on the couch and have a nice conversation with the TV noise as a background. Or we could turn it to mute and watch our shadows do magic on the wall from the flicker of TV light. Or we could cook pancakes and hot Milo, I’ll have my hair up and you could place your foot on my stool while eating. Or if we are too lazy on this rainy day, we could pretend we’re sick and lay in bed all day. Whatever works for you.

Hello, stranger. I figure my hands and feet would be so cold on days like this one. Please hold my hand to keep them warm.

But I could really use your hand now, stranger. Pull me back up when I am feeling a little disappointed by the people around me. Squeeze my hand when I’m nervous of exam results and interviews. Play with it to make me smile when I’m confused or in doubt. Let it hold your face to remind me that I am blessed to have someone like you in my life right now, when I have nothing else (in my wallet). Bite my hand, to remind me that I am not living in a dream, and being with you is actually my reality.

Hello, stranger, I am waiting for you. Do not let me wait in vain.


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