Pinky Swear: Take Them Seriously

hello, stranger. please take pinky swears seriously


I wonder if this is true: promises are (almost always) made to be broken.

Making a promise is like whispering a secret in the air; you know it will always be there, a witness to something you want to treasure in your memory, or someone you want to hold onto, but it will always be blown away by time. Only the air would remember.

Sometimes, we make promises to someone that we could not keep. Not because we do not want to keep them, but because that someone won’t let us. Sometimes, in order to keep our promises, the other person must let us keep them. Just like love.

Hello, stranger. I am telling you this: It might sound like a tall order, but I am too old to know that I do not like pretending anymore. I am done with games. I promise to keep my future promises to you, as long as you let me keep them. Pinky swear.


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