“Ang hirap pumili, ang dami kasing choices!”

‘Yan lagi ang linya ng kapatid ng ex ko kapag nasa grocery store kami, o saan mang tindahan.

Eh ang hirap nga naman gumawa ng choices. But most importantly, it is harder to stick by those choices.

I am a very predictable person. I order the same thing in a restaurant. I am someone who is very easy to read. You would probably get bored with me easily, and my ordinariness. My favorite ex didn’t have a hard time trying to please me, it is rather easy to get to know and memorize me.

Here’s a list of what I am about, and the choices that I make (and stick to) everyday:

– Milo vs. Ovaltine

– Kapamilya vs. Kapuso

– Pinoy Henyo vs. Pilipinas Win na Win

– WordPress vs. Blogspot

– Googlechrome vs. Mozilla Firefox (I am planning to write a blog about this)

– Yahoo vs. Google

– powdered milk vs. condensed milk (on champorado and oatmeal)

– MCDO vs. Jollibee

– DelMonte vs. Papa ketchup

– Nestea icedtea vs. anything else

– PLDT DSL vs. smartbro

– blogging vs. keeping a boring and monotonous journal

– Alpine vs. Alaska / Carnation

– latundan vs. lakatan

– Starbucks vs. Seattle’s Best

– 7’11 vs. Ministop

– Dunkin Donuts vs. Mister Donut

– Globe/Sun vs. Smart

– moreno vs. maputi

– Koko Krunch vs. Choco Crisp

– Honey Gold vs. Honey Stars

– Colgate vs. Close Up

– Pantene vs. Rejoice

– Whisper vs. Modess

– iTouch vs. Iphone

– Nescafe vs. anything else

(I’ll try to update this as I think of more choices)

Here is to prove how boring and predictable I am:

– At Starbucks, I always order white chocolate mocha, hot, grande

– At MCDO, I order Cheezeburger meal, or Nuggets meal, plus hot fudge

– At Greenwich, I order letter B (chicken, spaghetti, pizza)

– At KFC, I order original chicken meal, strawberry yogurt

– At Pizzahut, I order Alfredo Pasta, Hawaiian pizza and chocolate milkshake

– Chocolate milkshake @ Iceberg’s (best ever!)

– Mama’s Kid / breakfast meal @ 50’s Diner, with chocolate milkshake

– Perfect Match meal @ Pancake House

– Dear Egg, Love Bacon meal @ Heaven and Eggs

– Pork Tonkatsu + red icedtea @ Tokyo Tokyo

– Kitkat Chocolate Blizzard @ DQ

– Triple Chocolate + sweetcone @ BTIC

– Choco flavor @ Zagu

– Pecho meal @ Mang Inasal

– Pork Sinigang @ Gerry’s Grill

– mango + whipped cream + choco syrup @ Crepes and Cream

(among others)

But the most important choice that I make, everyday, is choosing God, and choosing a life for God.

So what are your choices?


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