Birthday Wishlist to Christmas Wishlist

It is almost 1 am. But it is important that I write this down now, so you would still have ample time to provide me with what’s on this list:

1. really cool eye glasses (I had one, it was color red and it was cool) and contact lens (without color, thank you)

2. guitar (Ovation)

3. powder/foundation, concealer and mascara from Beauty Bar

4. more blog readers

5. a job that I like an early birthday gift, I have a job! but I can’t decide if I lili lili like it. HAHAHA.

6. camera (underwater or DSLR)

7. a really nice-looking bookmark, or those which could clip the pages thanks, mom!

8. book light (for I like to read while lying on my bed)

9. a really good book (Percy Jackson book 7 thanks mom!, Nicholas Sparks, Paulo Coelho, Bo Sanchez) thanks ate Roxy!

10. a decent photo of my crush

11. a date in Baguio. a HOT DATE.

12. a getaway to Subic, Laguna, Batangas or other provinces with highshool/college friends – I had one with YFC friends already!

13. a gym buddy thanks, panget πŸ™‚

14. be part of a show band

15. have a date with a past lover except for the last one, or to get my crush’ attention

16. sing at a wedding

17. dress up with my bestfriend

18. a new girlfriend who lives near proj8

19. a really cute planner and colorful, kikay post its Thanks to Nicole Tubianosa πŸ™‚

20. a textmate (Globe or Sun)

21. go to a party/club thanks, dear cousins πŸ™‚ GL!

22. wallet with lots of pockets and zippers (preferably Guess)

23. new bible diary for next year thanks to Tin Iquina, for letting me pick a gift for exchange gift!

24. really big sunglass (white one, from People are People or brown) I bought one at Cubao (Ray Ban ΓΌ), and I had one again, from Greenhills πŸ™‚

25. a cute sling bag or purse. There’s one at Lacoste, and a really cute one at Ninewest, too πŸ™‚ thanks, Trinoma πŸ™‚

26. a black Gtech, blue and red (point 4), and colorful pens (P 20 each) from National Book Store

27. a date with highschool friends, college friends, yfc friends, yfl friends, sfl friends, anak up friends, selah, bb band, girl band, kada boom, relatives

28. a ring. yung mga uso ngayon na agaw-atensyon ang ganda at laki thanks mom!

29. iPod 3 iCoat (with gems), earphones from PowerMac, new laptop notebook bag

30. a new, unrequited love


1. new clothes

2. belt

3. watch

4. new shoes

5. new bag (Lacoste, Ninewest)

6. sweaters

7. leggings

8. bible diary for 2011 from FFL home office

9. Blackberry Touch

I am willing to extend this wishlist until Christmas. Come on, make me happeeeeeee!


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