On My Birthday: 15 Thoughts

I have random, random thoughts for today.

1. I’ve had my hair, my face and my nails done for today. A treat for myself. And I want to look extra special.

2. I was wondering if a past love and his family is going to greet me.

3. I’m a little upset (okay, I cried over it) that some of my cousins aren’t coming today. I just wanna see them and I want us to be complete and happy.

4. Also upset that others didn’t seem to remember my birthday.

5. I don’t know what feeling it is, but I’m not happy about the fact that others preferred greeting me online than texting or calling me. I just find it impersonal. That’s why I appreciate every text and call that I get.

6. I want a foot massage or I wanna go to the SPA.

7. I would start (new) work on Monday. I am excited.

8. Still want to see old friends like HS friends, YFC UP friends, YFC West C4 friends, father’s side cousins, KFC, college friends, YFL friends, bandmates.

9. I want to party hard tonight. I have never been in a bar and I’ve offered all of my Saturdays for God. It’s about time I find out what a bar is.

10. I want to look pretty tonight.

11. I want some items on my wishlist to be removed.

12. I hope the wish that I made on my birthday cake comes true.

13. I think my crush saw my post about him. It’s kind of disturbing that my blog would appear on google whenever you type his name.

14. I just want to be happy.

15. I want a new love. this Christmas.


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