So you want an iTouch

Here are reasons why owning an iTouch will ultimately promote you from the amoeba that sucks on the mucus of a loser to the lord of all that is made of awesome:

1. It is partner with iTunes – iTouch is never without its partner, iTunes. Do you know how brilliant this iTunes is? It could store all – and I mean all! – of your favorite tracks, would show which ones you listen to the most, would let you rate your own tracks, organized in a way that it would let you have playlists, would let you have the liberty which songs you would want to sync with you iTouch, etc.

2. Applications – and this is why I chose iTouch over mp3, mp4 or any other iPod there is. I wouldn’t mind being on queue for 5 hours, for all I care. So long as I can play with my iTouch.

3. Social Networks – it allows me to check social networking sites and email while eating at a fast food at a mall.

4. Search – If you’re too lazy (like me), this service is for you.

5. Security – Don’t allow anyone to use up all your battery, lock it with Android lock or Passcode Lock, using Auto Lock.

6. Infiniboard, Infinidock, Infinifolders – scroll vertically, place as many applications (without limitations) in your iPod and as many applications in a folder! How cool is that?

7. Battery Control – Know the percentage of your battery usage by having this battery control

8. Folders – be organized by placing your apps neatly in folders

9. Double tap – double tap, and you will be able to view your currently running applications.

10. Upgrade – you don’t need to buy new version all the time; just upgrade to the latest version and you’re good to go!

I’m sure there are more features and perks for having an iTouch. Share your experiences if you must!

** Androidlock and Battery Control is not applicable for iTouch version 4.1.


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