Waving Goodbye to 2010/2011’s Resolutions

This is my official goodbye letter to 2010. It had not been a very good year, considering I had to say goodbye and let go of important people, places (Baguio and 50’s Diner), things, friends, love life, service; and I almost (almost!) lost control of everything. Why, I think I have used the word goodbye on 50% of the total blogs that I wrote for this year. That is why I am looking forward to, hoping, and praying that this year is gonna be my year (I am born on a year of the rabbit). Please, 2011, be good to me.

1. Looking back and thanking God:

  • molding me into the person that I am now. Had I not experienced everything that I have gone through for the past year, I will not be as tough a cookie that I am now. So thank you, God, for making me stronger.
  • goodbyes. I am not a fan of goodbyes. But I needed them, and I am grateful for them, because now I have found a better place. I learned how to grow, and I found new and better replacements for the things that I lost.
  • new job. It was a perfect birthday gift and early Christmas present. I couldn’t be more thankful. I think I am starting to like this job (so far. I think it’s too early to tell. I think too much.)
  • lovelife. This aspect of my life was not at its best, I know. I have a lot of regrets. The whole world knows what I had to go through – what I went through. I am thankful, despite everything, because I learned how to love truly, unconditionally, selflessly. I learned how to heal, how to move on, how to love myself a little bit more, how not to be dependent on love for happiness. I know now what to do and what not to do – if I would be given a chance to love again. These should be enough.
  • new friends. new households, new community, new workmates.
  • faith.
  • family. And this is the reason why being single has not been so bad. I had more time to spend with family. I don’t remember being this happy just spending time with family. I don’t remember being contented like this – family is enough. When I still have a person, that person makes me complete, not family. But now, hey, mornings + silly moments with family makes my day complete.
  • me. Thank you for the me time. Thank you, because I now know the feeling of spending your money for yourself ONLY, not spending it for another person. Since I started working, I never knew how it is to get to spend for yourself, not for others – until now.
  • cellphone. Although I have a new phone, notice how I became lazy to text this year, which is a good thing, right? I do not depend on my cellphone anymore. I could go on in a day without my phone, and a month or two without load. This also goes for my facebook addiction. Pwede pala akong walang facebook ng isang linggo, hindi naman ako nagkasakit.
  • cellphone plan. Thanks, mom!
  • books. I have been introduced to – and currently addicted to – Percy Jackson.
  • iPod touch. Need I say more?
  • Manor, Eastwood. It was my first time, on my birthday, to enter and go partying in a club. Thank you!

2. Looking forward and trusting God:

  • job. Guide me on every exam, every metric, and everything that I still need to accomplish.
  • figure/s. I need a new figure. A slimmer figure. And by that I mean, I need to go to the gym and start working out, and I need a gym buddy for that. And I need a motivation. Also, I need to improve the figures on my bank account, so I could buy whatever I want, and whatever I need. Bank account, get well soon.
  • gadgets. I need catching up. There are a lot on my list, and the queue is getting long. There’s iPhone, aPad, DSLR, Mac Snow Leopard, yada yada yada.
  • clothes/shoes/unnecessary things. Oh, how could one give up shopping.
  • save up. For a new house. For the future. Have fund for emergency, sickness, etc.
  • invest. I have been meaning to attend financial coaching seminar. I have to do good on this. And as mentioned by Ate Kath, this includes emotions (as 2010 had been a very good example on how not to properly invest on emotions), money (less expenses on cabs – no matter how they make life easier and, not to mention, lazy-er, splurge too much on food and buy unnecessary things), time (less time spent in front of the computer, and more time to spend in front of friends, thank you very much) and people (I am meaning to make new and quality friends this year! And I am meaning to unfriend those whom I deem unworthy. Bwahahaha! And also, invest on a new person aka love.)
  • camera. And learn how to take good photos. And this includes editing, and Flickr.
  • 30-day blog. Write more blogs. More interesting blogs. Invite more blog readers. This is a project.
  • thrift-buying. To save up, I thought of just shopping in Ukay stores. That way, I could buy more useless things and get my money’s worth, without feeling too guilty about it.
  • investing on beauty products. Glutathione. Make-up. Clothes. Soaps. Lotions. Facials. Peelings. Whatever.
  • learn how to cook/bake. I’ve heard that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If I am aiming to meet the man of my dreams this year, then I better do some decent cooking and spend more time in the kitchen.
  • ride all the train lines, including a boat ride in Pasig river, in one day. And! Do this with somebody really important.
  • Church-hop. With somebody important.
  • study. again. Go to law school or business school or get a second degree, or be an exchange student, or scholar.
  • travel. Go to the beach. Go out of town. Vacations. Wear 2 piece.
  • learn how to surf. Get a tan. The goel is to be more sports oriented and active. Heck, I would jump off cliffs or buildings, or even attach myself to strings while I jump up and down with people watching at Eastwood. I need action!
  • do yoga. Relax.
  • read more books.
  • finish my planner. Until the very last day of December 2011.
  • learn how to drive. If I am planning to get a car, I should be able to drive first.
  • learn how to play the guitar/drums. I’ve had failed attempts to this, so I’m hoping this year I could make things right.
  • dye my hair. Or get highlights. Or the one that shows the color of your hair only when you’re under the sun.
  • get a tattoo. Lower back, wrists, neck – show them off.
  • get my tongue pierced. For the third time.
  • watch a concert.
  • watch a movie while inside a car. Just like the way they do it in other countries. With somebody important, no less.
  • actually own a car. A long shot. Okay, so maybe not this year.
  • have more time with friends/family.
  • get my fortune told in Quiapo.
  • be part of a show band.
  • sing at a wedding.
  • plan someone’s wedding/birthday.
  • go to Baguio with a hot boyfriend. Someone who would make others envious. Someone who would make heads turn, make girls drool, and make my favorite ex sulk in guilt to death. (yes, this is intentionally mean. Hahaha. NO).
  • a new, unrequited love. Hey, it’s year of the rabbit. I hope I am lucky this year, since last year had not been.

As per Len’s idea, I also want to make a letter to myself containing all my goals for this year. Come December, I should be able to check if I have accomplished these goals or not. I will think of more goals and update this.

3. Looking inside and finding God:

I need more quiet time, more time for self, more time for reflection, more time for listening, more time for discernment, more time for writing and more time for prayer. This year, this should be my priority. I am planning to have a spiritual adviser.Also, to live pure.

Tomorrow, I will write my best memories of 2010. Check it out, you could be on that list.


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