Favorite Memories/People of 2010

This is the best that I could do, to save memory from being forgotten; to save it from the sudden gust of wind, moreover, from time.

2nd year anniversary celebration with my favorite ex. 😐
lunch and movie dates with Justin.
birthday celebration of my bestfriend, Lovely
last complete household of YFL District of Novaliches core
World Singles Congress worship with Selah band
trip to Davao for free
my crush, Likha
(last) World Youth Congress with Cluster 3 at Bluroze, Lipa
YFL Nova Core overnight @ Gem's place
interview with Drew Arellano
Batangas mountain climbing / team building with Singles for Family and Life, Bago Bantay
when we adopted Cor for 3 days
Isabela mission trip
Tori's birthday, college barkada and Left 4 Dead 2 @ v3x
Kada Boom
Youth for Christ girls
YFC outing @ 8 waves / Jaja's 22nd birthday
YFL C3 at Lipa
buddle fight / C3 swimming
my sheep 🙂
YFC UP Baguio tanders
speech comm blocmates / birthday
SFL Bago Bantay Christmas party / birthday
birthday with cousins @ Manor, Eastwood
Live Pure night @ Nova
new work, new friends / Banchetto mates
family quality bonding time (Perdon) / Enchanted Kingdom
family Christmas
family bonding time (Garcia)
my lower household (my sheep)
SFL Bago Bantay Band + Fred
upper household (Maan, Sweet, Ann, Raine, me)

So this is how I spent my 2010, and whom I spent it with. I have a handful, even two hands full of memories. Just shows I’ve spent it well and meaningfully. I am hoping that 2011 would not be any different. If it would be, I am hoping it is always for the better.

If you want to be part of my year, hey, all you have to do is ask me. I am friendly like that.


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