2011: This I Promise You.

So the thing is, I wrote something about doing things/goals this year. Now I want to write something about the things that I want to do less of, or not at all, this 2011.

1. cheating – But since classes end tomorrow, i believe this is perfectly doable. Or not.

2. lying – C’mon. Everybody lie. Like that time when the trainer asked if we ate chips inside the room. I know I did. But unless I want a memo on my file, better say nothing. But, yeah, it’s still on my list.

3. procrastinate – Scrap that.

3. be late.

4. lesat.

5. say things that I don’t think over.

6. take family/friends for granted.

7. not notice/be thankful of even the small things. Also, not being sorry for the simplest of things. I want to be humble enough to admit mistakes and say sorry for them.

8. shopping.

8. not praying. – I want to pray more. Please help me.

9. cursing. – Yes, I curse in my mind.

10. stalking. ESP online stalking.

11. gronPRO.

12. break rules. – I’ll try to be more obedient. No matter how pointless things seem to be.

13. talk back. Especially to my parents. I’ve been working on this since last year. I want to improve this year.

14. oversleep/stay up too late. – I realized that I can be more productive if I wake up early.

15. overeat. eat junk.

16. impatient. giving up on things without even trying. giving up on people without giving a fair fight.

17. NOT be lazy.

18. Facebook.

19. think of bad thoughts. Especially against people. Stop being negative. Stop talking about people behind their backs, or give negative comments, or criticize someone I completely don’t know. Or not. 😦

20. think of favorite ex. break hearts.

I’ll think of more. Oh I know there’s more. I can think of a lot of negative habits that I have. If you want to contribute, write me a message. But I’d prolly give you a kick in the ass for that.


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