Boys Make Girls Crazy, Then Become Friends.

I am crazy.

I was in love, I was hurt, and I was stupid. Young and stupid.

But I never regret that I have two beautiful women in my life because I was in love, crazy and stupid.

1. my best friend. This is no secret to friends who have known us since 2000. I had a boyfriend that time, girl A was like his “little sister”. They talked a lot. To cut the long and controversial story short, after my ex and I broke up, I learned that they became a couple, only days after. I was angry that time. I don’t know how it happened exactly, but we eventually talked again, girl A and I. Until we decided to become best friends. I remember my mom asking me, “Are you sure she’s you’re friend? She has done you wrong once”. But 7 years after, as I am the ninang of her baby boy, I never regret that I decided to become her friend at all. And I see us as friends until who-knows-when, when guys come and go. I see us as two girls who needed someone to be with at that time, who were confused, stupid and were easily persuaded by sweet words. I see us as friends who have goals in life, strong women who have been through a lot, toughened by time and experience. Ours is a friendship ruled by this: never again will a boy come between us and ruin whatever we have.

2. a fun-to-be-with friend. I really don’t know why we are even friends. We don’t need to be, but I don’t regret having her in my life as well. Well, she’s my favorite ex’s ex girlfriend. You know how it is with present girlfriends and past girlfriends, right? So she may have said a few things, I might have done stupid things, too. But we outgrew our childish acts eventually, said sorry for everything, and now we even go out. She’s fun to be with; I really enjoy being with her because she has lots of interesting stories to tell.

I don’t know if favorite ex’s present girl would ever want to be on this list, but I am not closing any possibility. HAHAHA. (This is the part where I just want to tease her, because I’ve heard she’s been doing a lot of researching by reading my blogs and following my posts. A fan, indeed. Hello, new girl who used to be my friend.)

This is what I have in mind: Guys are the problem. They make you fall in love, they make you do stupid things, they take you away from everything. But I owe it to them – if not for them, I wouldn’t have met these women. Girls, on the other hand, are the real deal. They are trust worthy, they are loyal friends, and they never lie. Never again will I take my girls for granted just because I have a guy. No guy is ever worth it, not even half of the friendship that I have built with these girls.

I was in love, I was hurt, and I was stupid. Young and stupid.

I am crazy.


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