Finding a therapy for heartaches

written: March 10, 2010

I read in a book once that if you tell your history over and over, eventually you would be able to detach yourself from the situation – emotions and all – so you can act on it more maturely.

And so I tell my story.

A lot of people had been asking me lately: “Single?”. Oh yes. I am.

I don’t want to tell everybody the whole story. But I wanted to share this sweet yet heartbreaking ending that I keep on rewinding in my head over and over.

We were at the bus station. He hugged me and told me, “Mahal kita. Wag mong isipin na hindi. Hindi porke’t ganito, hindi na kita mahal.”
And then I told him that I’ll wait for him, he nodded once. Then he kissed my hair while I cried over his royal blue jacket (and by the way, he looks good with that jacket on).

He bought me water, which I now keep under my pillow. He put down my things, hugged me, kissed my forehead, then we held hands.

And that was the kind of ending I had.

I’d like to think that my story is not yet over, just like My Sassy Girl or Dear John.

So this is not the end for me. I’ll see you soon.


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