2 Reasons Why I Hate Abortion

I am against RH Bill, simply because there are a lot of loopholes to it. I feel that it’s just merely a business of big Western companies – including Ford and Microsoft – so they could earn more money out of all the contraceptives that they would sell. I wonder why this motive is not obvious for a lot of people, since the Western countries are targeting Asian and 3rd world countries now, because they couldn’t make more money out of the Western countries anymore. This ultimate motive is just enveloped with controversies and a lot of lies, which makes it all the more interesting to the public, esp. in a Catholic country (or so we say) like the Philippines.

Anyhow, here are 2 reasons why I hate abortion (which is, by the way, something that RH Bill offers freely to women – an option that women could consider “should they choose to do whatever they want to do with their own bodies”):

1. My bestfriend almost had abortion. I’m sorry, Beshy, if I should share this with others. When my bestfriend got pregnant almost three years ago, I even offered to accompany her to go to Quiapo and get some “hilot” or buy an abortion drink or something. And it’s something I won’t ever, ever forget. Seeing my godson now, how cute and adorable and charming and sweet that he is now, I know I made the biggest mistake of even planning to kill him even before he was born. Now, he is attending school already, and is fond of kissing people:

2. I almost died before I was born. I am a pre-marital baby myself, back in the times when pre-marital sex, abortion and drugs are so common to teens (that’s what my history teacher told us). My history teacher even told us to consider ourselves lucky because our parents decided to keep us instead of aborting us. And I felt so blessed indeed. But my mom told me one day that she decided to have me aborted. I was born 5 months after her marriage with my dad, and it was the toughest year my mom had (toughest year before her marriage and kids, that is). She told me that she jumped and jumped in the hope that I would get aborted, but “ang tindi ng kapit mo”, she would joke.

Here I am now, still fighting for the life that I almost did not experience, believing that this life is my greatest gift, and I owe it to my mom, dad, and the people who loved me even before I was born; the people who had the courage to protect me and fight for me as well. And now, “matindi pa din ang kapit ko” towards life, and I show the same courage and stand by my beliefs and principles that –

a. abortion should never be an option

b. that unborn children should be given just rights that we are experiencing and that they should be protected by all means against abortion

c. that sex should not be done outside of marriage

d. that should the couple made a mistake of doing sex even before marriage, they have the right to experience complete healing to prevent a lifetime of guilt

e. that a child is not a thing, but a life from point of contraception (meeting of sperm and egg cell) to birth

f. that a child has nothing to do with his/her parents mistake and should not be the one to take the blame and the burden of the consequences of his/her parents actions, in case “things go wrong”

g. that abortion is a quick-fix solution of a bigger problem

h. that this is against the will of God

i. that a child is never an option, always a gift

..and a lot of other principles that I believe in, and is not willing to compromise. I am hoping, and praying, that more people of my age would come to see the monster behind the RH Bill as well, and would be courageous enough to stand up for their own beliefs. So help us, God.


One thought on “2 Reasons Why I Hate Abortion

  1. Or they think that..if the child lives they will have to give up their career. That is why..Christians are against it even though governments in some parts..of the world have legalized it. This is from a real baby and real babies are what..grow in the mothers womb from the moment of conception…Recent technology and microphotography have shown that the..baby is a growing living human right from the earliest stage…From the moment of conception you have all your genes and..chromosomes and all the information you need to..direct your development.

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