Traitor, Stealer, and a Blessing Waiting to Unfold

I am in the middle of sorting photos for an audio-visual presentation. Smiling eyes, unplanned laughter, shared memories, places, happiness brought by having loved ones close enough to touch, a silent prayer and wish that you can keep them forever, a sigh, a whisper – all caught in rolls of film. The pictures pile up year after year after year. Then I had to stop.

The tears keep streaming down my eyes.

Death is a traitor. A period to everything. Without so much as a warning, suddenly you are alone. No more “maybe next year we could go to” phrases. It’s an end to seconds, to distance, to plans, dreams, hopes, people.

Death is a stealer. No amount of prayer, or tears, or heartbreaks, or “why did you do this to me?” questions would ever bring them back. You can have all the plans if you want, but nobody to share them with. It would just be a half-baked cake.

You are only left with two things:

  • Memories. Keep them well. Tell them repeatedly. I was told that memories will keep the person alive in our hearts. Write about them, talk about them over a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day. Sing them, put them in a box or narrate every story behind photos; to save them from sudden gust of wind, from our frail minds. Save them from time.
  • Relationships. These will never change, no matter what. They can never be undone, not even by time. Treasure them.

At the end of the day, you might ask: “What’s the reason behind all these?”, “What’s going to happen to me now?” Others have already succeeded in finding the answers. But there’s always a miracle behind these lines: Everything’s gonna be alright. Hold on to that promise. Trust time. In the meantime, place your heart in someone’s hands and find comfort in the thought that it is being taken cared of.

Kuya Ernest, wherever you are, know that you are always dearly loved.


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