Hey There, Self

I am here alone, at a hotel in Subic. By the beach – as I am writing this. I just finished watching HBO. The room’s a mess. I got tired of resting, so I thought of going to the resto to access the internet and check my mail. I received 5 important mails, so it was worth it. Thought I could work once I get back to the room, but I remembered there’s a good show at HBO later tonight. I am also planning to play big fish games on my computer until I fall asleep.

This is called blabbing. I have a lot of room in my head to think, because I don’t have anybody to talk to here. I am wearing my swim suit, but the weather’s crappy. I wanted to go and dip my feet in the water, but there’s no light out there and I’m seriously scared. I even thought of bringing my flashlight along so I would at least have a heads up, if ever there’s a jelly fish coming or some water monster. Nah, not a good idea. I’m thinking of waking up really, really early in the morning tomorrow, before the sun comes up, just so I would have enough light out there to walk along the shore, have time to talk to God and actually swim. Then I’ll take an early lunch, swim some more or probably take pictures, pack my bags and head for home.

So this is what it feels like to have nobody to talk to. I am literally going ballistic. Makes me excited to talk to a person. Not talk to, but actually have a conversation with. See? Look at everything I’ve written here. Nothing makes sense. It’s obvious that I need someone out there to talk to me now. Please. Call me. Crap. I am single, alone, on a hotel at Subic. How depressing.


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