My own little secret

We will always have books, and breakfast.


You always have reasons, reasons for everything. I always thought you over-think and over-analyze things. I used to blame your lack of hobbies/activities for it. Seems like you have a lot of time for thinking, and a lot of space in your mind for me.

~ You say that we’ve got nothing in common
No common ground to start from
And we’re falling apart ~

So I am a hard-core Catholic, you said you aren’t ready for any of it yet. So I have long hair, and you have it short. I love MCDO, and you can’t get away from it fast enough. I trusted you too much while you built that wall around you. I am the sun, and you are the rain.

~ And I said, “What about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?”
She said, “I think I remember the film,
And as I recall, I think, we both kinda liked it.”
And I said, “Well, that’s the one thing we’ve got.” ~

 I think we found a way to make everything (initially) work out. We had a shot at it, and a second chance.

~ So what now? It’s plain to see we’re over,
And I hate when things are over –
When so much is left undone ~

You ran away from me, twice. I think it’s more than enough. Yes, I still think about you, too, but giving us a chance for romance is also giving you the chance to hurt me. And I won’t let you do that to me. And you thought building that wall for yourself would protect you from getting hurt. I trusted you too much, too much that I was willing to grab that chance to break your wall, twice. Thank you for letting me feel that you don’t want to stick around with me.

  ~ And I’m running away                                                                                                            It makes me feel better                                                                                                    When it comes down to this, I’m neither sorry, nor cross, nor I’m fit                                And I’m running away, there’s smoke on my sweater ~

Ours will always be special. Because we’d never be what I want us to be. L, you will always be my own little secret.


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