2011: The Very Best Of

I’ve been wanting to write this for months, but I guess life keeps getting in the way (as it always does).

I think it is but proper to start the year with gratitude towards the things and experiences I’ve had the past year. Funny, though, because I still need some getting used to when it comes to writing 2012 as current year.

Here we go:

1. My family

Christmas eve

I will, forever more, be grateful for my family, especially to my mom who has been my best friend for the past year.

It is no secret: we lost her a million times. But she keeps on finding her way back home, and to our hearts. Although I was (still am, at times) terribly angry for hurting us (my mom, most especially) so much, I could not imagine a home or a family without my sister. It’s like always having a whole in my heart that nobody/nothing else could ever replace. My sister taught me what forgiveness and unconditional love is, and for that, I will always be grateful.


World Single’s Congress 2011

It is such a privilege to sing for God, much more in front of hundreds of people. But there I was, awkwardly standing and singing, in Tarlac.

3. Singles for Family and Life (and the Christian Life Seminar team)

I have had the chance to lead this team for 10 straight Saturdays of Christian seminar. It was a test of faith, friendship, and a roller-coaster of emotions. Imagine having to talk to your partner all the time (in my case, Mark) to consolidate our ideas, getting approval from superiors, making sure everybody else gets their job done week after week. Well, I couldn’t say I am not happy this part is over, but happier knowing that our relationship with each other will never be the same. Stress can really bond people together.

4. To be given the opportunity to plan/host a debut

Kryll Almanza’s debut

5. To be part of a team, and become a top agent twice

Wave 3085693636389583

This is a bragging right: that once in my life, I have experienced talking to Americans all day (night) long. I slept/gimmicked during the day, learned how to troubleshoot internet connections, met new friends (which deserves a different blog) and had a crush.

6. Had a friend who is now a nun

Ate/Sister Anne Padilla

This friend inspired me to become a better person. She taught me how to pray.

7. Met new friends..

8. ..while keeping the old ones.

my favorite after-work group: YFC college friends
highschool barkada – kada boom

9. To be able to watch Hillsong United Live

@ the Big Dome

10. Went to Subic for work (new partner!)

11. ..and got to spend Christmas @ Christmas Village

Santa’s House, where else? 🙂

12. ..and Baguio, where my heart is.

Baguio friends, 3 years after @ Starbucks, Session

13. My curls.

14. 2 Birthday cakes

from college friends
from family

I find birthday cakes so thoughtful and sweet. Thank you!

15. Disney on Ice

Hello, Mickey!

But most of all, I am thankful to you, 2011, for:


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