Goal for 2012: Make Better/Visual Blogs

I just recently stumbled upon Jan Miguel’s (my friend) blog here and is inspired! It has a lot of picture in it, which is so aliw to look at, plus clean background. It is everything I hope my blog would be.

Our layout artist always complains to me, “Maliliit na yung font nito, dinadaya ko na lang. Masyadong maraming laman ang page. Walang magbabasa niyan kung maliliit ang pictures at wordy, tatamarin ang mga tao. Hiyang ata magsulat si Kai, ang haba.” and so on. So I am trying my very best to right shorter articles.

This should be applied in my blog as well. Less words, more photos.

This blog is another inspiration: Patty Laurel’s blog.

Also, I am thinking of moving to blogspot. Blogger friends, what do you prefer?


One thought on “Goal for 2012: Make Better/Visual Blogs

  1. Wow that’s me! Thank you Kai! If only I can take pictures and you write about it! Hands down ako sa writing skills mo 🙂

    I tried WordPress a few years back and I failed with the UI miserably. Hindi ko magets! Or maybe kasi nakablogspot na ko since HS. But yeah, about sa pictures, that’s what I noticed about other blogs kaya I aimed to take pictures of everything I did… I love my phone and point and shoot cam 🙂

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