I Used to Love the Rain.

I used to love the rain. The rain reminds me of a lot of good memories.

credits to cubagallery (flickr)

1. There was a time when I was on an outing with my clan. We were having a good time swimming when it suddenly started raining hard. My cousins threw themselves in the pool shouting: “Woo it’s raining, we might get wet! Let’s bring an umbrella!” It was hilarious! Totally one of the best outings. EVER.

2. It started raining one slow, lazy Sunday afternoon, when my dad just decided to bathe under the rain. So we prepared our towels by the door and just enjoyed the rain! I remember playing with the hose, and my brother wearing a raincoat because he doesn’t want to get wet!

3. One afternoon, my yaya fetched me from school. It was raining. I was in nursery then. I remember paddling my feet on the wet pavement. I remember my yaya telling me, “Do not dip your feet, you might catch a sickness from a rat’s pee.” It was then that I learned the concept of Leptospirosis.

4. I was on my way to school. My yaya and I had to stop walking because it started raining so hard. I was wearing my boots, raincoat and I had with me my cute umbrella. My yaya had to carry me to school. So cute!

5. Best opportunity to write my name on the car’s window, with hearts and stars and my crush’ name. Or sing out loud, if only to make the rain stronger. Or do a sun-dance.

6. There was a strong typhoon. My family all gathered in the master’s bedroom. We went under the blanket with my daddy saying, “Akap-akap! Lamiiiiig! (Hug-hug! So cooooold!)”. I remember there was thunder and lightning, and I was so afraid. My lola patiently explained that God was in the mood to play bowling, and he was taking pictures of the world. It was then that I learned the concept of God, thunder and lightning.

7. I remember borrowing videos from a local store. My then boyfriend and I just signed up as members of our local video shop. Or we downloaded movies online. Then we watched them all during rainy season – with toast and hot choco and marshmallow. Those sleep-overs.

But one memory stands out the most, and it is what makes rainy days extra gloomy nowadays. I remember walking down Session Road, one rainy weekend. With my then boyfriend. We went to the Oval to participate in one of the Panagbenga activities. I remember it was there where we took our favorite photo that was posted on his bedroom wall for years. I remember going home with mud on my feet. He kept wiping it off with tissue. When we came to his apartment, he washed if off with water, saying, “Hugasan na natin yang cute mong paa. Parang paa ng magsasaka! (Let us now wash your cute little feet. Looks like farmer’s feet!”)

And it takes but a memory to hate the rain.

Today is one of those rainy days.


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