You Should Date a Girl Who Writes.

You should date a girl who writes.
May it be poetry, prose, or sappy love letters
Or blogs, or simply anecdotal quotes
From her queer mind

Find a girl who writes.
It is easy to spot her.
You will find her by the park, or by the sea
Surrounded by the sound of birds, or tress, or MP3
Or simply silence

You may find her talking to people
Keeping herself inspired in what the have to say.
Take note of her amused face while talking
Or her hand gestures while explaining
Because a girl who writes never runs out of things to talk about.

She may lose track of time typing, or writing
Or simply how she would gaze at nothing in particular
Her hair neatly tucked behind her ear, and her pen tucked in her hair
Eyebrows creasing, deep in thought
Heaving a sigh for the words that she could not write.

Notice the pen marks by her fingers,
Or the smell and stain of coffee
And a pile of folded papers and napkins in between pages of a well-read book or scattered in her bag
Where she quickly organized her thoughts in 1-2-3, or jot down her ideas.

It is easy to make a girl who writes happy.
Read her blog, and get used to seeing your name there often.
Give her words, poems, notes and quotes.
Dedicate lyrics to her.
Read to her. Read with her
and discuss imagery ’til morning.
You may find yourself lost in her words
Because a girl who writes play with words
Describing things, people, situations.
You may find yourself imagining every detail
Wanting to do all of her ideas together.

Find peace in the constant rhythm of keyboard in the background
In the perfect tempo of your breath
Write your own fairy tale
Over a cup of coffee
And a candle light at 2 in the morning.

You should date a girl who writes
The girl who has a take on everything
The idealistic, the warm, the creative, the imaginative
The girl with a lot of feelings
The girl who will dedicate songs for you, will write blogs and poems about you, and will give you a sappy, hand-written love letter for Christmas.

Marry a girl who writes, because she is worth it.

Why not date a girl who writes?

Inspired by this blog.


6 thoughts on “You Should Date a Girl Who Writes.

  1. Date a girl who dreams,
    or a woman who has dreamed and lived;
    you know her by her eyes, which are lifted
    to the kiss of cloud and horizon, and which,
    when they are brought to yours,
    make you laugh like a kid with a seaside hologram
    as they switch from sad to happy to sad.

    She always seems an inch taller than she really is,
    but only because she turns to face the breeze
    and is lifted by it, as though by a lover,
    as though the sun is a hand on her shoulder
    and the day’s apricity has dried a tear or two.

    You should date the girl who dreams
    or the woman she became by living those dreams,
    living them earnestly even if they never came true.
    “True means real,” she tells you,
    saying that Fact is a whole other country,
    a city she walks through and (maybe) she stops for coffee there,
    reading the colours of the streets, giving names to people
    by the shopping that peeks out of their bags.

    Books are palimpsests for her,
    her marginal notes – she has found a new use
    for eyebrow pencils and nail files –
    are the toeprints of her jumping-places
    to somewhere else. Yes she writes, she reads,
    but sometimes also she dances or steals paint
    to make tiger-stripes on walls.
    Once she told a beggar a story
    which was worth more than the coins in his cup.

    Find that girl, the one who dreams, find the woman
    she became by the power of the dreams she allowed
    to write her life in sun, clouds, breezes, and happy-sad eyes.
    Take her into your life, date her, love her if you must,
    keep her if you can but not like you would a cat or a car.
    Let her be a dream for you; dream,
    become you by living your dreams,
    by being your own country,
    by having those little madnesses that folk call reverie,
    by knowing their borders and their limitations
    and by stepping over them, blithe, still dreaming.

    The girl who dreams, the woman who lives by dreams,
    because of the dreams she lived;
    find her, dream with her.

    Marie Marshall

      1. wow. this is the first time i tried writing something like this (amateur writer here), but it’s so fulfilling to know that I was able to inspire somebody to write! thank you.

  2. Essentially this is something I have become convinced is a healthy trend amongst writers – a kind of ribbon of consciously intertextual relationships between us – so I don’t fight it. If something moves me to write, to extend an idea or some words initiated by someone else, I get on and do it, and I hope/expect that someone will do the same with my own material.


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