Soulmates Don’t Always End Up Together.

That’s probably the reason why it’s called soul-mates (friends).

I met mine when I was 20.

with the matching shirts - is it not so obvious?

I knew then that he is my soulmate because of our similarities:

1. Music. We will always have music, and dedications to “the girl in red.” I will always remember that karaoke date when we were telling each other how we felt through exchange of songs, but saying nothing at the same time. That date when I recorded his voice singing Why don’t you and I, and made it my ringtone. That date when he took my photo because “I was his super crush”.  That controversial date when we were exclusively dating, but he was still committed to a long distance relationship. That karaoke date was the turning point, and a lot of music nights out followed there after.

 “So I say why don’t you and I get together,

Take on the world and be together, forever?

Heads, we will; tails, we’ll try again.

So I say why don’t you and I hold each other

Fly to the moon and straight on to heaven?

`Coz without you, they’ll never gonna let me in.”

I answered by singing Alone.

“You don’t know how long I have wanted to touch your lips and hold you tight.

You don’t know how long I have waited, and I was gonna tell you tonight.”

He sang Tonight by FM Static (the same lines he texted to me when I was away during the Christmas break.)

“Never thought not having you here now would hurt so much.”

But I answered by singing Kung Ako na Lang Sana.

“Kung ako na lang sana ang iyong minahal, ‘di ka na muling mag-iisa.”

you will always be my guitar man or drummer boy, and i will always be your singer, or the one behind the camera taking your photos, or your groupie, or your fangirl.

This is a song that my soulmate and I composed and recorded for an event back in 2008.

2. Words. I will write about him until he is not part of me anymore as I am not part of him. And he will continue to say words about me, read about me or hear about me until then.

3. How we both sing the instrumental parts of each song. We wouldn’t have known this, had we not sang (screamed on top of our lungs) Hands Down on his apartment bed one lazy, Sunday afternoon (complete with the guitar and drum parts, using our teeth, tongue, voices – whichever we found appropriate).

4. Food. How we ate at 50’s Diner over and over for breakfast and we ordered almost the same meal every time. How we both love ice cream as our feel-good food (or he loved ice cream because of me, I do not know anymore). Our love for chocolate, milo, wafer, toast, pasta, pizza, milkshakes, tikoy, etc.

5. Faith. Eight months of being together, and I was surprised to know that we have the same bible life verse. His is 1st John 4:7, while mine is 1st John 4:7-8. Of all the bible verses, what are the odds?

6. Surname. I thought I wouldn’t need to change my signature when we get married. It will always be a family inside joke.

their family gift to my family. Christmas 2009

But fate has a different plan for both of us. He might not be mine anymore, but I am happy knowing I had him and fought hard for him, for us. It was a good two years while it lasted.

I find it sad – you knowing a soul just like yours and not ending up with him/her. But on a positive note, a person who happens to be your soulmate will always be the only person in this universe that will understand you no matter what. And if it so happens that you did not end up with each other now, then believe that you will be together, in the afterlife.

(Credits to Sophia’s thoughts on this)


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