Marry Me.

credits to Gregg Zimmerman of

“Love has surely shifted my way.” 

That is a line taken from the song Marry Me by Train. A fitting line, because I have been thinking a lot about marriage for the past week. The reason being:

I received a marriage proposal from an almost stranger.

No, your eyes are not mistaken and your computer is not dysfunctional. It’s true!! I really received a rather plain and awkward, “Marry me” statement. I know, I know, it’s hard to wrap your brain around the idea that I got the proposal, but hey, let’s figure this out together.

Let’s talk about the almost stranger. Sure, I’ve known him for a while. I considered him as “barkada” and placed him in a box categorized as “boy buddies”. He’s not even in the “with possibility of a future date together” or “considering…” category! I haven’t taken the time to pause and think of him as a “hmm, I think I have chemistry with this guy”. He’s just a witty acquaintance that I give bastardized comments to. The most amazing thing that I know about him is that he works in Papua New Guinea and he hates pineapple on his pizza. (Just a side statement: I really do have little boxes in my mind with categories of boys that I meet since the time I decided I want to date again.)

Now, the proposal. We haven’t talked to each other for ages, so it was more like a catching up chat. I found out he is here in the Philippines for a two-month vacation. His boss gave him the privilege to go home and find himself a lovely wife. His boss even said that he would help his wife in securing a visa and give her work opportunity in the same company he is currently working in. So while we were on the topic of marriage, I told him, “I think it would be really nice to do something so big, crazy and drastic with your life without thinking it through.” And to that, he replied, “Let’s marry each other.” It was that simple. No fireworks, lanterns, or sneaking-behind-my-back-with-my-friends drama. And so for the next two hours, we planned our life together. We both wanted to have kids three years after the marriage. He is planning on moving to a different country where it would be easier to work and build a family together. Hell, he even asked me for directions to my house so he can perform the famous “Pamamanhikan” (asking my family for my hand in marriage). Imagine that! Everything was planned out.

Except that it was not actually a real marriage proposal. For the next two days after the proposal, I did not feel anything special that brides-to-be usually feel (I wouldn’t really know how they feel, I just know I don’t feel the same way). I liked him a little more, though. I realized there’s more to him than just being a “Hawaiian pizza hater”, he’s actually family oriented and sensible. Plus, this whole shocking roller-coaster of emotions moment gave me the opportunity to think about my current state of life. It brought to me questions like “Am I really ready to get married?” or “Am I already capable of leaving my family and take care of a different person now?”.

All these questions can wait for their answers. All I know is that, whenever that day would come, I know it would be with someone who I truly love and deserve, and it will be one of the happiest moments of my life.

PS: I have been humming this song for the past week. Hum with me.


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