Worked. Like Magic.

I once wrote that, “Others say you will never be completely over someone until you start dating someone new. I don’t know if this is true. I suggest you allow yourself the time to heal and be sad, before entering into another relationship. It would just be unfair to your new partner, and it’s kind of selfish, this rebound thing.”

I still believe this to be true. Allowing time to heal your heart is treading the path of moving on. I am not in a position to tell you that this is the right path to moving on, only that this path worked well for me. It has been more than two years now since my last, real love, and boy did I heal well. *pats myself for a job well done*



3:39:12 PM  Leon Carlo G: you want to fall na, no?
3:39:21 PM  Leon Carlo G: i think you’re ready naman na
3:39:36 PM  kaigarcia08: not now. im still a mess.
3:39:58 PM Leon Carlo G: so if love came at this right moment, you will turn it down because you’re “still a mess”?
3:40:20 PM  kaigarcia08: will love fix everything? hehe.
3:40:29 PM  Leon Carlo G: is it supposed to?
3:40:32 PM  kaigarcia08: Doubtful
3:40:46 PM  Leon Carlo G: love isn’t supposed to fix 
3:40:48 PM  kaigarcia08: Ewan ko. hehehehe. ayoko isipin
3:41:01 PM  Leon Carlo G: chances are, it will give you further complications downs the road
3:41:06 PM  Leon Carlo G: but it would be worth it
3:41:23 PM  kaigarcia08: worth it, hmmm.
3:42:20 PM  Leon Carlo G: think about the last time you were in love
3:42:32 PM  Leon Carlo G: i bet you did plenty of silly things, too
3:42:49 PM  kaigarcia08: oo naman. hahahahahhaa.
3:42:54 PM  Leon Carlo G: but it would have been worth it, even for just that time, at least
3:43:26 PM  kaigarcia08: sana lang pag dumating, i would be strong enough to handle it.
3:43:40 PM  kaigarcia08: sabi ng nanay ko, feeling niya daw, pag nag-bf ako ulit, mag-aasawa na ako e
3:44:02 PM  Leon Carlo G: i don’t know you well enough, i think
3:44:09 PM  Leon Carlo G: but i would have to agree with your mum
3:44:48 PM  Leon Carlo G: the whole single life, dating, etc, i think you’re past that now
3:44:56 PM  Leon Carlo G: you seem ready to commit
3:46:30 PM  kaigarcia08: baka naman hindi para sa lahat yang love na yan.
3:46:37 PM  kaigarcia08: romantic love*
3:46:58 PM  kaigarcia08: baka some people are better off without it.
3:47:38 PM  Leon Carlo G: does it matter if something is for you or not, as long as you want it?
3:47:45 PM Leon Carlo G: or perhaps make you happy

I guess he might be right.

This morning, I found photos of past love and my friend together. I realize, this does not bother me anymore. And honestly, I was able to truly wish them happiness together.

Maybe they are right. Maybe having someone better, someone new, will work magic into your life and heart. I’m glad he came when he is supposed to.


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