Let’s Stay Together.

With you, I was, that we’re going too fast. You told her about the adventure and she knew I’m not like that and she said it was one thing with, like, the other guys I go out with, before. But that you were so smart and like, I don’t know, inexperienced is what she said, but not like that, you know?

And, okay, I see what she means, but she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She’s so, everybody’s so stupid, you know? My friend A, too, and friend B, whoever says stupid things, you’re from different worlds, like you dropped here in a spaceship.

So they can cuff themselves. I don’t care.

Because I know, okay? I’m stupid I know, about flaggy movies. But I want to do it. Any party you want, anything, not go to bonfires. Whatever you want to do, for the birthday, even though I can’t remember the name.

And they’ll say things, right? I know they will, of course they will. Your friends are, probably, too, right?

Let’s stay together. I want to be with you. Let’s. Yes?

Because I don’t care, issues, different, arty, weird parties with bad cake, that igloo. Just, together.

Like everyone is telling us not to be.

Because, listen, I love you.


~ excerpt from one of my weirdly, I-don’t-know-why-but-whatever favorite books, Why We Broke Up. ~



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