Stressing Over Something Worthwhile.

I have been out of office work for a week now. What freedom! My exit was not the smooth-sailing, easy-peasy exit that I wanted it to be, but then again my imagination is always better than reality.

On my last day for work, I had this cute conversation with my baby. It went like this (non-verbatim):

Me: I miss you already. I haven’t seen you for a while. Di bale, next week, we have lots of time together na.

Kiara: Why next week?

Me: Because I quit work.

Kiara: Why did you quit mama? Is it because your work does not allow you to see me?

If you know my smarty pants, you’d also know that conversations like this are not rare. I remember this weird conversation we had several breakfast ago about my mom getting married when she was my age, but let’s not get into that, yes?

Back to work. On my last day, we had despedida dinner. We were having such a good time, we joked about the future and laughed a lot, until our client called to say there was a major mistake on the print that we made. We printed 2,000 oh-my-gosh-we-printed-that-many-mistakes copies of our mistake and it was on every copy. Needless to say, nobody went home early that night. What a way to end your career. Each copy is too much of a reminder of how many times we failed. Since this is my blog, I’d like to clarify that we don’t print a copy without the client’s consent, with signature and go signal to print, just so everybody would know. Hehehe.

Anyway, I went home that night, packed my bags, and went to Laiya, Batangas hours after (it was early morning anyway). My whole family (or clan) went there to celebrate my tita’s birthday. Good timing, because my OFW cousins are here in Pinas also so we celebrated their balikbayan moment as well. No, really, it was a celebration of my balik-tambay career! Hahaha. I was on full celebration mode. It was symbolic actually. I even had a massage to “take away the stress of my previous work”. Oha!

On the second day of my bum life, however (I was doing a pretty good job at it btw), my friend called to invite me to be part of her team. This team’s job is to organize a corporate event (program + trade fair) at Rockwell tent on Monday, June 10. Yes, Captain obvious, we only have 1 week or less to prepare for the event as of present writing. And yes, my friends, I am now an *drumroll please* events coordinator!!! Assistant Accounts Manager to be precise, well at least for this project. Let me show you what I’ve been stressing over for the past days. My dream, that’s what.


Pretty neat no? The picture makes it official. 🙂

There is no timing more perfect than God’s timing. I let go, completely, without plan b (which is so not like me). I was not at all worried about my future (okay, maybe a little, but still). I find it amazing that during the time that I was relaxing, somebody thought of me and arranged my future for me. I did not see this one coming, well, not too soon anyway. I am nothing but tired but super thankful right now.

If someone out there is reading this, someone who is tired of the SSDD routine, who wants to get more from life, then do it. Let go, and let God. It worked for me. It will be alright, I promise, as it has always been the case.


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