Broken Hearts Become Brand New

I love getting compliments. Among the common compliments I get has something to do with my voice, my bag, my long and curly hair, my eyes and my teeth. I won’t mention here the compliments I get for having a super hot body, a pretty face and my fabulous cooking (Shooo. My blog, my rules. Galing ‘yang mga papuring ganyan sa lola ko for sure. Hahaha!) But I get complimented a lot because of my smile. I always give the credit to my mom, the dentist, for taking good care of my teeth. But I think what people see when I smile is more than just the pearly whites. I think what they mean is that my eyes and heart smile, too. This might mean little, but it means a lot to me.

I remember this friend of mine who complimented me during an event. We were awake for 48 hours that time. During the event proper, I had to smile a lot especially since I was the one directly speaking with the clients. I realized it is easier to give requests to the team as well when you say it nicely, lovingly and with a smile. This friend of mine said, “Grabe, bilib na ako sa’yo. Pagod at puyat na pero naka-smile pa din!” What can I say? I take the business of smiling seriously!

Going beyond the superficial of a smile is the heart and the soul. They say it is easy to fake a smile. I’d have to disagree. Smiling is as hard a task as doing the laundry when your heart and soul are not happy or feeling content. Besides, people know if you mean it or you’re just faking it.

My smile has a story. Just like everyone else’s smile. I am a firm believer of the journey of smiles. That is why I appreciate every smile I get, and make an extra effort to give smiles throughout the day much as I could. After all, a simple smile just might make someone’s day. We really wouldn’t know where that smile is coming from. Most of the time, it might have been from a broken heart, and a smile is a cry of plea. Every time I hear stories about other people going through life struggles, people who’ve been dubbed as messed up, washed out and hopeless — I always close my eyes and remember how it was for me to be in that place too. People come to me for help, and most of the time, I do not know what to tell them. I just tell them what I did, of course knowing that every case is different, and hope that it works out well for them, too. 

I am a product of grace. I still find myself in dark pockets from time to time – it’s never really smooth sailing all the way, but then I’m pulled out of it – again, only by grace. It is something I definitely don’t deserve, something I can never ever work for or earn, it is simply a gift given lovingly by God to those who receive it wholeheartedly.

To those who are having a hard time smiling, here’s a little reminder for you all. I hope hearing this will somehow get you through. And remember, smile. It makes a lot of difference.


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