Spoken Poetry.

I have written a lot of cliché and cheesy poems before. When I was in high school, my friends (mostly from other schools) asked me to write poems and use them as panliligaw pogi points. They would describe how they feel and what the girl looks like so I can make the poems realistic. I did not mind, they were, after all, my first customers (they paid me good. bwahaha.) Writing was something I did for fun, I guess. But then my affair with writing ended when I joined a writing club, and the teacher required for us to submit a compilation of our written work, so I gave her my 2 treasured poem notebooks. She never gave it back and just said she couldn’t. Until now, I want to hunt that teacher down only to let her know that she crushed my dreams like a grape.

But writing found its way back to me. I intentionally did not sign up for any writing degree. I chose Speech and Broadcasting instead. Still, I ended up being a writer for a magazine and, eventually, an Associate Editor (yes, life has such a weird humor). I am not claiming I am any good at writing. I can name 3 people at the top of my head right now who are better at writing than I am.

Still, when I heard about spoken poetry, I was left in awe. I want to be like them! I want to create words that float through space and to the heart. I want to write marks that would be imprinted on walls and memories. Here, listen to my inspiration. If only I could be half as good, that wouldn’t be so bad.



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