Taken.. For Granted.

I am busy. I am busy right now, and this is going to be a busy week. In the middle of making a report for a client, looking at picture pegs for a debut and being sick, this little monster named Kiara kept pestering me. First, she asked me if she could eat the chips in the cupboard. Of course I told her no because it’s junk, and junk is bad for the health. She told me, “Well, who’s gonna eat it then? And when? Can we eat it in October?” Then with really big eyes, she retorted, “You’re just going to eat it!”, which is true, of course, because the chips happens to be my favorite (that little brat read my mind!!). Then, she came running back to me, asking if she could write on my index cards. Again, I told her no. Then she saw the leaves that I cut out from colored papers for an activity that I did for an event last night. She asked me if she could play with them. Naturally, I said no and told her to stop bugging me. With head low and lips pouty, she said, “Alright, alright.”, and walked away.

I typed in a few more things on my computer before turning to my right. What I saw made me call her for a tight hug and millions of kisses, and yes, I did give her the colorful leaves. But before that, I told her she spelled my name wrong. To which she said, “Is it supposed to be the a before the i? Well it doesn’t matter. BTW, you made wonderful leaves,” even though they don’t look like leaves at all! I love this little monster to bits, even if there are times that I take her for granted. I’m just glad she feels the same way about me, too.


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