Three Little Girls


I always wanted my first child to be a boy, and then have girl twins. When I was younger, I thought I had it all figured out. “Para may magbantay sa kambal ko,” I used to say. This is probable, you know. My grand dad is a twin.

Then we had Kiara. I am now used to having one child to take care of every single day — bathe her, clothe her, feed her, take her to school, teach her, put her to sleep. Most of the time, I love to do it. But there are times we kick each other, too.

Just a few weeks ago, I had the privilege of taking care of not just one, but three girl bulilits when we went to Enchanted Kingdom – Kiara and my two god daughters. Nako, what a riot! I didn’t know how all of them were able to fit in my arms on the way home. The two wanted to sleep while the third one wanted to watch the cars outside the window. We sat to rest after a few rides and after a few minutes, already I lost one of them. Nakakaloka. Stress Drilon to the highest level. The experience was wonderful though. Seeing them happy made me happy, too. I enjoyed brushing their hair, putting powder on them, changing their clothes. All those who truly know me would notice that I love to accessorize and dress up, so it brought me great joy to do the same to these girls. Being a girl myself (yeah, hindi lang halata minsan!), I realized I’m not totally clueless in taking care of them. Not to mention, they aren’t smelly kahit mukha silang basang sisiw sa pawis!

If God permits, I want to have not just one, but three little girls of my own. Someday.


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