Hunger Games: Catching Fire is Mine

They say watching a movie after a book will always be a disappointment, because your imagination will always be better than the director’s imagination. Imagine, s/he has to please countless imaginations when creating a movie after a book. Admit it, we bookworms are pretty hard to please. :)) I’m sure they’re also considering cinematography, and there’s always the constraint of time. They cannot show the whole book fully. There are things that goes well on books but not on camera. And the lines are tricky.

But when I watched the Catching Fire, the only disappointment I had was that it ended! Ugh! Such a cliff-hanger!!!

I read all three books countless times. I watched The Hunger Games everyday for a straight month. I braided my hair and became snob because I am so inspired by Katniss. Like her, I was (or am?) determined to be a good daughter and ate to my younger siblings, as she was so determined to keep her family alive and protect her younger sister, Prim. I listed down all of Peeta Mellark’s characteristics and included them in my “negotiable, non-negotiable list” when looking for a life partner because I want to have someone like him to protect and take care of me, too. I youtubed the mockingjay song by Rue and the Hanging Tree song by Katniss’ father. In short, I am more than a fan.

My friends watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire last night on the big screen. I wanted to go with them but wasn’t able to because I had to prepare dinner for my family. I promised myself that I was going to watch it no matter what. I raked my brain for whoever friend I can ask to go with me. I considered asking some for a movie date. But on the last minute, I decided I was gonna watch it alone. A treat for myself. After all, I did not know anybody as fanatic to the series as I am.

I’m glad I watched it alone though. I got to keep all my emotions to myself. I did not have to explain to anybody why this or that happened, or who this or that is. I cried, and my eyes were glued to the screen. I did not want to miss any dialogue or scene. I got to keep it all to myself. I got irritated by people talking at my back. A friend kept on trying to answer all of her friends’ questions. What a pity. Sana bawal manood ng sine ang walang background sa pinapanood nila, tapos magtatanong ng magtatanong the entire movie. Just kidding šŸ™‚ Okay, okay, I’m half-serious.

Anyway, I have to give it to the Catching Fire production team. The effects are great. The movie is as accurate as possible. Almost all the details in the book were there – every important detail. The effects exceeded my expectations. They were able to show the details so well. Super ganda!!! I wanna watch it again!! Who wants to go with me this time? Basta bawal magtanong throughout the movie! Hehe šŸ™‚


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