Last Saturday Marks an Important Event in my Career Life.

I have always been into events. Thinking about it now, I think it runs in my blood. You see, my mother used to host this yearly reunion of our clan. I grew up with her preparing games, prizes, making scripts, sphere-heading mini production numbers, delivering witty lines. She plans ahead is on of her strengths. It’s not surprising that I got to host these kind of events when she sort-of retired – like passing on a crown to your child. It’s something that comes out naturally.

At first I thought everybody has a knack for events and planning. Now that I’m half a year of making money out of it, I realized it’s a gift and not everybody is lucky (or otherwise) to have it. Believe me, I’ve been working with clients who seem to know nothing of what’s going on. A groom wanted to make his own flowers. A mom of a debutante who has lack for good taste. A groom who designed their own invitation with skulls on them. Seriously? Why would you want to design your own flowers? Why would anybody want a poison symbol on a wedding invitation? Being an events person is a combination of creative, imaginative, idealistic, realistic, decisive, keen to details, deadline-beater, ass-licker, firm, flexible, stress-absorber, and a lot of other characteristics. I learned from a teacher once that failing to plan is planning to fail. That statement is every bit of true.

I started out hosting small events – family gatherings, households, parties. Then I went to planning the other details of the program, thinking of games, prizes, program flow, etc. All these came in handy for when I sphere head any community event. My secret? I close my eyes and imagine everything that’s going to happen for a day – situation per situation – then I list down all the things needed per segment. I was told that this skill is called imagination. I had no idea until now. I had it all along as I went from small-time party host to Production Assistant, Marketing Manager, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Segment Producer, Scriptwriter, Accounts Assistant of different conferences and events. To tell you honestly, I love it. I love being into events. I breathe events. My heart beats for events.

I thought I was gonna stay as a low profile events person for the rest of my life. No, I guess Papa God has other plans for me. Last Saturday, I went from being a Production Manager to Scriptwriter to Director. You read that right. D-I-R-E-C-T-O-R. My first time ever!!! It came as a surprise!!! I was totally nervous about it. It’s not like you have a manual on how to do it or something. You learn from experience, and from other people. I only found out 24 hours before the event that I was the one going to direct it. Sure it’s not a big deal. Well of course it is!!! It was actually accidental. A last minute thought. Wala na kasing makuha na iba, busy silang lahat. Heehee!

It was just a small event. Vince Aranaz of South Border was there. We played a video, but the audio came a few seconds late. The light came on when it wasn’t supposed to. We rang a bell to signal time’s up as per meeting and the facilitator aka husband of the boss sounded irritated that we did so. In short, the event was far from perfect. It was a total wreck. But, as an assurance, our creative tank said, “Nothing serious damaged the event. Well, except for the video.” What a relief. The boss was happy about the outcome, considering we only met to discuss with the client once, and it was a night before the event. He actually told a few nice things, and shared to me his stories of how he got to learn the different ropes of events.

“You have a skill for script writing,” is what he said to me first. “I want to train you in directing.” “Marami akong mali. Nakakahiya. Parang hindi ko kaya.” “Mapapahiya ka talaga. But that is how you’re going to learn. Maraming beses na din akong napahiya. You are keen and has attention to detail. You have the imagination – you are valuable during pre-event because you think of everything and on-the-day as well. You can write well, which is an advantage. Pahirap na tayo nang pahirap. You have a potential in this business. Kapag na-master mo na ‘yan, mabo-bore ka na sa small-time events. Hahanap-hanapin mo na ang challenge.”

Hearing this from him, from who I consider to be the master of all the events masters, I could die now. On second thought, saka na lang pala for when I fulfill my dream of directing one big event and it goes as close to what has been planned as possible.

So thank you, opportunity. Thank you to all the busy people that we texted to direct the event but declined. Thank you, client, for holding this event. Thank you, universe, for conspiring so that I may be closer to achieving my dreams. Thank you, Kuya J, for trusting and believing in me. Thank you for all the kind words. Thank you to all the SA staff who trusted my decisions and obeyed me as well. Thank you, Papa God. I shall consider this as a birthday gift from you. Thank you, life. Thank you, events. I love you forever.



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