I Had a Manicure and Ruined it the Next Day.

I was a princess for a night. I went to a salon, had my nails done, did the rest of my hair and make-up on my own (I think I did a pretty good job at it) and went to a charity ball. I had a great time.

The next day, I cleaned our windows so we can start hanging the Christmas lights already. It was a dirty, tedious and tough job to do. I had to climb a ladder to reach for high places. Had to carry heavy pail filled with water and soap. Needed to scrub even the corners that no one can see or care about. I had to do it because nobody else would.

I realized that’s what family is about – doing more than your share of the responsibilities. The chores will never be finished. They pile up each and everyday. I swear they can be pushy and irritating, sweet talking you into doing them! Somebody has to do it patiently, lovingly, every single day. Not because they needed to be done, but because you love the people you’re doing the chores for.

I guess I love my family more than I love my nails.


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