The Wishlist. 26 on 26.

credits to Emily Orpin on Flickr.
credits to Emily Orpin on Flickr.

Yesterday, I asked my cousin to give me a birthday gift. He asked me what I would like to have. Until now, I have not replied to him yet, because I gave his question much thought. What material thing do I really want that I think he could give me?

As I get older, I realize that my list gets shorter, as most of the things that I want now cannot be bought by money. I did this once, in 2010. This year:

  1. A sunflower in a pot. I think it costs around P150.
  2. To find out what my next step would be, career-related. What’s next after doing events?
  3. Guitar. And learn how to play it. Learn how to play piano/drums/violin as well.
  4. iPod touch/iPhone. Camera. Laptop. Gadgets.
  5. A good book.
  6. A date in Baguio. Or a travel buddy.
  7. A gym buddy.
  8. A getaway.
  9. Be part of a show band and do gigs; sing at a wedding.
  10. Do Acts of Random Kindness (ARK).
  11. Driver’s license, a car, and the knowledge to drive.
  12. The “Relaks, Pag-ibig lang ‘Yan, Parang Kagat Lang ng Langgam” 2014 planner.
  13. New bible for women.
  14. Wallet with lots of pockets. Bag. Shoes. Accessories. Lots of dresses. Make-up.
  15. A long gown for the ball on Saturday.
  16. Shades from Apostrophe, Trinoma.
  17. Estrelle’s custard cake.
  18. Pamper myself like I used to. A trip to the salon for nail, hair, face pampering.
  19. A better version of myself.
  20. New house for my family. A room for me. Larger closet.
  21. Watch lots of movies.
  22. Many customers for our new online business. Support our accessory shop!
  23. Many events for this year.
  24. A new love.
  25. A happy family. A happy life. A meaningful and purpose-driven life.
  26. A deeper relationship with God.

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