10 Cool Things I Like About Disney’s Frozen.

I find it weird that at 26, one of my favorite movies of all time is animated. From Disney.


I had a little tissue time on the week of my birthday (no, not to wipe off the a**, but for the eyes, thank you very much). Watching Disney’s Frozen on my birthday with Kiara was one of my best decisions EVER. There are a lot of things that I love about the movie.

1. The plot.
*spoiler alert*
I like how it is not about finding your one true love or ending up with your true love’s kiss, but it is about family. It is basically about sisters and finding their way back to each other. Awww, what a tear-jerker!

The plot is from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, but to make it a friendly version for Disney, they made the characters sisters. Not one of them is an antagonist. Both the princesses are strong in their own way, not the “damsel-in-distress” type.

2. Anna


There are a lot of things to love about Anna. Anna is a princess, but she does not act all prim and proper. In fact, she is a total klutz. She’s funny, witty, trusting, vulnerable, desperate, clumsy, crazy, weird – wait, I am describing all of us. That’s it! She’s totally just like you or me. Aside from being able to relate to her character, I love how she never really gave up on her sister. Her sister practically abandoned her. They were close as kids, her sister accidentally struck her with ice and then bam! Elsa never opened her door for Anna, ever again (literally and figuratively speaking). She played with herself, even started talking to the photos on the wall, and stood courageous and brave on their parents’ funeral. Despite all these, she always knocks on Elsa’s door (and heart), singing – “I’m right out here for you, just let me in.” Her journey through the Northern Mountains was not for a boy, and not even for herself but to bring back her sister. I love just how selfless her character is! In the end, she was the only one to believe in her sister’s ability to bring back summer, when everybody else thinks that Elsa is bad. Her belief and love for her sister led her to sacrificing herself for her sister, putting aside her own needs (she was already turning into ice) to save Elsa’s life.

I honestly think that family should be about never giving up. The first people who we always hurt in our decisions are our family members. Yet we should continually love them all the same. They might shut us out, but we should never get tired of knocking. They might tell us to “Go away, Anna”, but our “Okay, bye” should mean “Bye for now, you know I’ll be back.”

Anna may be crazy when in comes to decision-making. She decided to marry a prince she just met that night. This is because she never really had the chance to interact with a lot of people. But then again, she found her true love when circumstances got in the way. Lesson? Your true love is really worth the wait. While waiting, do not do something irrational and crazy just yet. Do not jump into that relationship because you are lonely or desperate. You might regret it when Mr. Right comes.

3. Elsa


Don’t you just love Elsa’s ice princess gown and hair? Cool, right? And boy, the girl can sing! Idina Menzel did a pretty amazing job singing “Let it Go” as Elsa. Singing that song while building the ice castle was the movie’s climax. It’s about empowerment; finally accepting yourself and what you can do without having to worry about what other people might say.

Also, it’s amazing that Elsa is one of the Disney princesses that is not a teenager anymore. That is a plus factor for me. (Thank you, Marco, for pointing this out.)

Elsa is not an antagonist in this movie. Only circumstances made her do some things that she did. She has ice powers. There is a certain point in the movie when she enjoyed her powers with her sister, but then she accidentally hit her on the head with it. From then on, she lived in fear – of what others might say when they find out about her powers, and of hurting anybody again. She closed her doors and never came out until her coronation as queen. Yes, because she closed her doors even to her sister, she unintentionally made Anna’s life miserable, too. In the end, because of Anna’s great and sacrificial love for her, she discovers that the only way to control her ice powers is through love.

Sometimes in life, we are faced with problems that are bigger than us. In fear of hurting our family or other people close to us, we tend to keep it to ourselves. But what we don’t know is that letting it go and letting them in might be the solution to our problems. We will always be in need of love from the people around us. Let them love us. When we are full of love from the people that are important, the opinion of unimportant people won’t matter anymore.

4. Prince Hans


He was not an antagonist on the first part of the movie. In fact, I think he meant well when he asked Princess Anna to marry him. They really did click. He even gave cloaks and fed soup to the cold people of Arendelle. His turning point was when he was reminded that in case Anna and Elsa will not be able to make it back to Arendelle safely, he will be the rightful king and ruler, because she left him in charge before Anna left for her journey to bring back Elsa. Being the 13th son, it is impossible for him to take the throne of his own kingdom. Seeing this as an opportunity to finally be a ruler, he did every possible thing to kill the sisters.

This situation is not far from reality. How many politicians or businessmen have been faced with this dilemma?

5. Kristoff (and his reindeer)


Kristoff is anti-social and introvert. He can communicate better with his reindeer than with other living things (aka humans). I like how he creates sentences for his reindeer as he converses with it. Not all reindeer sentences are in agreement to his decisions, btw, which makes it even cooler. He is an ice vendor – a tough job to do when everything around him became ice, no thanks to Elsa!

Kristoff is love personified. At first, helping Anna was about material things – carrots, then later on the sleigh, but then it was his love for Anna that pushed him to help her find Elsa. This to the point that he willingly set aside whatever is left of his ice business to accompany Anna. In other words, he set aside his personal needs for another person. Even went back for Anna, knowing that Prince Hans might be getting some action with her already – not to give her a kiss, but to ensure her safety when the snow blizzard started. Then later, his willingness to kiss her – again, not for his own pleasure, but in order to save Anna. It’s not at all surprising that he has a big heart. After all, he grew up living with trolls who gave him a lot of lovin’.

6. Olaf


Olaf is the reminder of how strong Anna and Elsa’s relationship used to be. Olaf is a reminder of how good Elsa is. Elsa accidentally made Olaf and gave him life, a proof that even while she was “letting it go”, she was still thinking of Anna. Seeing Olaf (before Anna was to convince her sister to go back to Arendelle) reminded Anna of Elsa’s good side, especially since everybody believes she is a threat and will cause hurt.

Aside from this, Olaf is a pause in the dramatic plot of the story. I mean, just look at his nose! πŸ™‚ His song number, “In Summer” is a funny song about what a snow man would do during summer. When Anna finally had the courage to tell him that he would melt when placed near fire, he said, “There are people worth melting for.” Awww. In human language, he meant “There are people worth dying for.”

7. The main lesson.
Although I have stated a lot of lessons that I got from the movie already, the main lesson that this movie wanted to impart was, “Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.” The story proved that this act of true love will not necessarily come from your prince charming. This statement cannot be more true.

8. The animation.
I love how the characters look like! I love their eyes, their clothes, their voice, even. Kudos!

9. It’s from Disney.
I grew up watching Disney. I secretly am still loyal to Disney, despite Pixar’s Up.

10. The songs.

The songs are awesome! Can be turned into a Broadway, considering the cast. I love how heartbreaking “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” is, the conflict between the characters of Elsa and Anna during the coronation day when they sang “For the First Time in Forever”, the joy of first love when Anna and Hans sang “Love is an Open Door”, Olaf’s funny interpretation of “In Summer”, and of course, Idina Menzel (and I guess, Demi Lovato’s) vocal blizzard in “Let It Go”. Good luck shaking off these songs from your head!

I am urging every one of you to watch this movie! It will surely melt your hearts, as it did mine. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “10 Cool Things I Like About Disney’s Frozen.

  1. my big take home on this movie is this…

    often times, we see ourselves as recipients of true love…always on the receiving end…BUT…no act of true love can ever be accomplished if we will NOT START to be at the GIVING FRONT. πŸ™‚

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